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  1. My Poems

    by , 4-17-14 at 1:03 PM
    A Goddess Un-enchanted By Time
    By Kevin Vannoy

    A goddess un-enchanted by time,
    Beauty never fading.
    When she sings, it makes you think of the
    Mythical sirens that
    Come out of legends.
    When she speaks it sounds as if an angel fell
    Out of the heavens and is
    Whispering to you in your ear.
    When she smiles, your ...
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  2. Poison is Cheating

    by , 3-14-14 at 7:20 AM
    Hi guys! This is a scene that happens earlier than my WIP starts, and I wrote it for characterization of Noma's mother, Rhea.

    I pull my lips from his as the bell begins to clang out the alert. He grins at me, takes my pale hand in his, and pulls me upright. “Time to go,” he laughs, seemingly delighted that the bell has begun to strike out the chorus to its discordant tune of fear and anger.

    I pick up my bow again and sling the quiver back over my shoulder. “If you ...
  3. Flash Fiction - Chaos Prison

    by , 2-26-14 at 11:08 AM
    This is a 1,000 word Flash Fiction challenge piece born of a randomised title. I've just posted an excerpt here as it already exists online, so if you like it, please follow for the rest.

    The fluorescent lights are a little too bright, the temperature of the room a little too low, the aluminium chair is a little too uncomfortable and the hum from the console a little too loud. Three weeks it had taken ...

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  4. I'm With The Band (Flash Fiction)

    by , 2-3-14 at 9:33 PM
    Or, What's In A Name?

    Wayne Zalewski--failed musician, pizza delivery boy, eternal optimist--shouldered a shovel slightly too long for him and stomped through the small cemetery with bright, determined purpose. Following along behind like a gaggle of geese rejected from their respective nests for lack of effort, were his band.

    Well, most of his band. Bass, keyboards, and drums all present and accounted for.

    Well, not his band, exactly. But the band he ...
    Short Stories
  5. The Fall of Light - Chapter 6 - YA Action Fantasy Adventure

    by , 1-21-14 at 4:28 PM
    The Fall of Light
    Book 1 of The Crystal Companions Saga

    Chapter 6 – Retreat to the Throne Room (shortened Version)

    Linta stood at the window, paralysed with fear as the monstrous creatures ran riot beyond her Kingdoms walls. When the first blinding blast of lightning hit the outer wall and the deafening crash rumbled through the city of Scorvain, it made Linta jump and pulled her out of her state of shock. She screamed again, this time her vocal chords sprang ...
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