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Chapters from original books by our members.

  1. Fan Fiction: Fen Harel and the Tree

    Posted originally on the Archive of Our Own at Fen'Harel and the Tree - Clariana13 - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own].

    Rating: Mature
    Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
    Category: Gen, Multi, Other, F/F
    Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Relationship: Andruil/Ghilan'nain, Fen'Harel/Andruil/Ghilan'nain
    Character: Andruil, Ghilan'nain, Mythal, Anaris (Dragon Age: Inquisition), Solas/Fen'Harel
    Additional Tags: Elvhen Pantheon,
  2. Excerpt from Chapter Three in "Delwyn of the Realms"

    Standing there in the clearing, facing the dark building, she felt as though time was standing still and that she was at a crossroads. Even though she had made the decision to come out that night and go back to the mirror, it was as though someone or something had made up her mind for her. She had always felt like she was living someone else’s life - like her own life had yet to begin. The expectations of others and pathways decided for her, were like mazes for a mouse in a lab that belonged to ...
  3. "Delwyn of the Realms" - First chapter (partial) - Fourth Draft

    Chapter One

    Delwyn froze.

    She was trapped inside her body. Paralyzed, as hypnopompia seized her and loud bells tolled in her ears. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling, where three alien beings were staring back at her. The two on the outside looked like average greys, but the one in the middle was different.

    It was white and larger, with a face that floated in front of its head, like a milky mirage! Delwyn tried to scream, but as ...
  4. Paths Of Nerial. Part 1. Path Of Deception. (Sample)

    Paths of Nerial
    By Joshua M Fitton

    It is my responsibility to teach my students everything they need to survive in the Skell.
    First and foremost amongst these lessons. Listen and watch everything. Nothing is inconsequential. Everything matters. Always, always be vigilant. These things may save your life.
    From the journal of Ramis Flage. Seventy first High-Father of the Skell.

    PART 1

    Book Chapters
  5. The Life of Lancelot du Lac

    Chapter One
    King Ban fell to his knees throwing his arms out into the sky beseeching his god. Helen watched her husband crumble in dispair as he watched the pillar of black smoke rise against the clear blue sky. Helen held back her own tears of rage as she watched her home burn from a far.

    She knelt by her husband, running her fingers through his thin white hair. Ban was an old man, waning from this world, and she wasn't sure how much grief he could take. "Ban, ...
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