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  1. The Fall of Light - Chapter 6 - YA Action Fantasy Adventure

    by , 1-21-14 at 4:28 PM
    The Fall of Light
    Book 1 of The Crystal Companions Saga

    Chapter 6 Ė Retreat to the Throne Room (shortened Version)

    Linta stood at the window, paralysed with fear as the monstrous creatures ran riot beyond her Kingdoms walls. When the first blinding blast of lightning hit the outer wall and the deafening crash rumbled through the city of Scorvain, it made Linta jump and pulled her out of her state of shock. She screamed again, this time her vocal chords sprang ...
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  2. A Land of Our Own (First three chapters)

    by , 1-7-14 at 5:14 PM
    Hey Scribers!

    I recently published my first novel (A Land of Our Own, August 2013, and wanted to set up the first three chapters for free here on the Scribes site.

    I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think

    I am not including the prologue, map, dedications, cast of characters, etc. in the preview


    A Land of Our Own is the story of three children born as slaves in a penal colony ...
  3. Beneath the White City, Chapter 2 (an Altearth tale)

    by , 1-7-14 at 1:00 AM
    Beneath the White City
    Chapter Two
    Lyse and Hille

    The Wild Hunt came to Quedlin for the first time in ten years. The sleepy town awoke in welcome. Its merchants rubbed their hands together, its craftsmen worked late in their shops, and everyone practiced their smiles. For nine days, the warriors of the Empire and Eight Kingdoms would ride the steep mountains and deep vales, rooting goblins from their holes, greatwolves from their dens, ogres from their rocky forts. For ...
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  4. Beneath the White City, Chapter 1 (an Altearth tale)

    by , 1-7-14 at 12:53 AM
    Four human youths and one old gnome take on an evil wizard and a gang of bandit duergar beneath Rammel Mountain. The grownups, meanwhile, pay no attention.

    This is an Altearth tale, set in Germania in the 18th century Ab Urbe Condite (roughly 11th century, Real Earth reckoning). I'll be posting the first few chapters here but that's all, as I intend to try to publish this one.

    Chapter 1 - Jurva Waits

    Jurva hid near the little path that ran from ...
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  5. Bloodsuckers: Ch1, Prt 3

    by , 12-7-13 at 1:12 AM
    *Continuing from Part 2...*

    VAIN didnít respond, but did just as she requested. The river of data, or rather the frozen river of clustered confusion, disappeared. The assimilation chair shook a bit before two large arms popped out and unfolded from the machine. At each armís tip was a scanner that could detect even the faintest trace of radiation poisoning. One started from his head, the other at his feet, and together moved in the opposite direction until they reached the other end, ...

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