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  1. Birth of Emily Sapphire

    So touched was I to have found
    The black immortal sea,
    Where countless ships and bearded men
    Had sailed to memory.

    I was strong and young perhaps
    To join such wanton venture
    But Mother dead and father soon
    Left me little leisure.

    A push, a shove, a trick of fate,
    Iron seized round my neck
    And hoisted my face into the mouth
    Of a grog and onion wretch.

    “What have I got? A fish, a rat?” ...
  2. Araliin

    Unfortunately, the only things I have to contribute to my portfolio at the moment are two pieces of art and background information featuring my favorite fantasy brainchild, Araliin Talis.

    I've written many things on this character that will probably never see the light of day because they're merely drabbles, but maybe you'll find him of interest. I'm always up for roleplays with other characters and things of the like.

    Araliin is a gentle, perhaps too gentle, forest ...
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  3. The Tower

    My hand grips this fate stained blade dripping with glee

    And my shadow laughs as all my fearsome enemies flee

    I stand within this starlit dune and breath in my power

    And I prepare my self for the climb of the deadly tower

    For upon its lofty and shining crest is a bridge to heaven

    But guarding its mighty gates are the deadly vices seven

    As I trod upon the seemingly endless dry sands of time

    I ...
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  4. Broken Path

    Through the thick mist of doubt and trust

    we trod through dreams now turned to dust

    Many have haven fallen to the blade of fear

    they gave up and fell victim to its snare

    They could not stand to bare the eyes of death

    before it spoke they relinquished their breath

    But here we stand in the midst of the aftermath

    We will not fall or fear on this old and broken path.
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  5. Covered In Ashes

    In the midst of the sleeping storm I feel life crawling into my pores,

    the pain of thought causes boiling sweat to clean and heal my sores.

    I remember how I gave up and cast my will aside to sloth and greed,

    but deep within my dormant corpse my passion slept inside a seed.

    Never again shall I submit to the whispers and songs of doubt and fear,

    my strength lies in my passion, will and faith and I will hold them dear.
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