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Original stories by our members. Longer stories should be posted in segments.

  1. The Clearing

    ***Warning: some adult language***

    It was almost noon on a nice day.

    The sun was shining white in the blinding blue sky. He had never seen such a nice day. Really. Everything was highlighted, embossed, bought to three-dimensional life. The discarded sword, snapped in half, metal dull with brown stains, almost seemed to float above the black mud. The cannon ahead, left behind by his comrades, its mouth pointed down in defeat…he felt like he could almost reach out and ...
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  2. Wannalemic

    The following story was something I wrote for a creative writing class. It's not fantasy, but I thought I'd share it anyways. Due to the sensitive subject matter, I recommend you don't read it if easily triggered.

    Ryan wasn’t attractive or smart and I don’t think he ever dated a girl who wasn’t certifiably insane, myself included. The only thing he had going for him was that he was Sally’s ex.

    What had Sally even seen in him? Sally with her short ...
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  3. Honesty - a short story born one solitary night

    “Drink with me my friend.“ she said. She poured the red liquid into the crystal glass and left it to linger on the table as she raised her own. The red of the wine mixed with the red of her lips as she drank, his eyes fixed on her mouth, hands shaking.

    “Why are you not drinking?“ she asked, putting down the glass, as a small track of rubies rolled down her chin. “You are beautiful.“ was all he could say. She chuckled. “Honesty at such a late hour, how convenient.“ She batted her eyelashes ...

    I wrote this piece - a thousand words, little more - under the stipulation that it had to be about "five words". These are the five I picked.


    The report contained five simple words. Leave was cancelled. Evacuation orders were issued. The army, navy, and air force were mobilised; Special Defence was put on alert. It has been six hours since the alert first sounded. It is past midnight, and a heavy rain has fallen on the burning ...
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  5. Flash Fiction: Angel of Death

    The night was cold and long, as nights had been ever since They had come through the crack in the sky and the sun had grown dim and life had become hard for those who remained. They had come, so unlike us, beautiful and graceful and with promises and dazzling silver smiles. They had come, so like us, and boiled away seas and razed cities to the ground and turned night to day so that They could better understand us. They had come and brought the rain that never ended, fields that lay bare beneath ...
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