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Original stories by our members. Longer stories should be posted in segments.

  1. Flash Fiction - Chaos Prison

    This is a 1,000 word Flash Fiction challenge piece born of a randomised title. I've just posted an excerpt here as it already exists online, so if you like it, please follow for the rest.

    The fluorescent lights are a little too bright, the temperature of the room a little too low, the aluminium chair is a little too uncomfortable and the hum from the console a little too loud. Three weeks it had taken ...

    Updated 2-26-14 at 12:10 PM by Rorick

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  2. I'm With The Band (Flash Fiction)

    Or, What's In A Name?

    Wayne Zalewski--failed musician, pizza delivery boy, eternal optimist--shouldered a shovel slightly too long for him and stomped through the small cemetery with bright, determined purpose. Following along behind like a gaggle of geese rejected from their respective nests for lack of effort, were his band.

    Well, most of his band. Bass, keyboards, and drums all present and accounted for.

    Well, not his band, exactly. But the band he ...
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  3. The Grand Alonzo

    The Grand Alonzo

    How long is this road to nowhere? Alonzo had been following the cobbled path for half a day, his scholarly mind frequently baffled at how this bizarre road came to be, and why it seemingly sprouted from nowhere in the middle of a vast and bewildering desert. Not that it mattered in the slightest. Roads mean trade, trade means civilization, and civilization means blessed wellsprings of delicious, cool, refreshing gulps of water…if it weren’t for those bastard thieves, ...

    Updated 1-27-14 at 2:26 AM by JRFLynn

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  4. The Venom Club (Flash Fiction)

    How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

    Or, A Good Accountant Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    The Venom Club resembled no other gentleman's club Walter had ever experienced. Not that he'd experienced any in the flesh, as it were. His ideas about such places came from bad cop shows accompanied by even worse TV dinners, but he was pretty sure how it was supposed to go: a bevy of bored, half naked dancing girls on nonsensical stilts, mostly comprising of ...
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  5. Final Exam, ending.

    They continued on, as they had for the past few weeks, and Tatyana’s pain was tempered as she realized they were nearing the end of the passes. She would soon complete her challenge and win the title of Morriganian. Something she had been striving so mightily for and for so long was no longer a distant goal. It was so far within her grasp as to seem inevitable. She would also be rid of Fisk and his ingrates.

    That last thought made her realize she’d also be rid of Gannon and Adrian. ...
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