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  1. Untitled

    Never more,
    Again in despair,
    To which one flies;
    Against all,
    A reason found
    To relight the way
  2. Chapter 1

    The taxi pulled up to a street in Cospublic. The pamphlet said it was a big city but wow it is way bigger than the booklet said. Just looking at it and comparing it to Trapise is like comparing how fast a snail can run and how cast a cheetah can run. I walk around town trying to find a hotel. I see a bunch of restraunts and houses but not any hotels. With no luck I go sit down and pull out my phone.
    “Excuse me but you dropped this.” Someone says.
    “Huh?” I look up. The first ...
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  3. Brief description of my book

    This is a tale of two girls who share one thing in common, the same body. The two girls, Red and Blue are living normal everyday lives (Well as normal as they come.) when Tristan tells Blue everything about Red and what this means. They live in two different worlds, Cospublic and Golden.
    The two girls go through a time that teaches them they have more in common then somebody and some stupid blood line.
    Blue is a very intelligent 16 year old who grew up on the streets without ...

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  4. The Ways of Witchmen

    Preface: I think I will post my worldbuilding notes as portfolios from hereafter, and as what would be a book in a game format as I prefer to worldbuild from an in-world perspective rather than state facts, and this entry will certainly not be safe for work.

    The Ways of Witchmen by Brother Valikhris

    It has been for two millennia that the Mages Guild, our ally, has with integrity provided those possessing the will and/or talent the opportunity to study magic, proper ...
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  5. Tales of Aphal: Tale of Anok Draggod

    upon a cold winter night in the far western lands, brushed against the looming nameless mountains of the midwest stonestaln chain, a farmhouse sat, in that farmhouse sat a young boy and his father. this boy was Anok, a young lad whos destiny would become intertwined with the fate of Aphal in many more ways than we would ever know... and it all begins on this cold winter night. the winds howled and the farmstead creaked, Anok was sent to bring in firewood to kindle a flame for his weary father. upon ...
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