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  1. "Delwyn of the Realms" - First chapter (partial) - Fourth Draft

    Chapter One

    Delwyn froze.

    She was trapped inside her body. Paralyzed, as hypnopompia seized her and loud bells tolled in her ears. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling, where three alien beings were staring back at her. The two on the outside looked like average greys, but the one in the middle was different.

    It was white and larger, with a face that floated in front of its head, like a milky mirage! Delwyn tried to scream, but as ...
  2. Paths Of Nerial. Part 1. Path Of Deception. (Sample)

    Paths of Nerial
    By Joshua M Fitton

    It is my responsibility to teach my students everything they need to survive in the Skell.
    First and foremost amongst these lessons. Listen and watch everything. Nothing is inconsequential. Everything matters. Always, always be vigilant. These things may save your life.
    From the journal of Ramis Flage. Seventy first High-Father of the Skell.

    PART 1

    Book Chapters

    I wrote this piece - a thousand words, little more - under the stipulation that it had to be about "five words". These are the five I picked.


    The report contained five simple words. Leave was cancelled. Evacuation orders were issued. The army, navy, and air force were mobilised; Special Defence was put on alert. It has been six hours since the alert first sounded. It is past midnight, and a heavy rain has fallen on the burning ...
    Short Stories
  4. Flash Fiction: Angel of Death

    The night was cold and long, as nights had been ever since They had come through the crack in the sky and the sun had grown dim and life had become hard for those who remained. They had come, so unlike us, beautiful and graceful and with promises and dazzling silver smiles. They had come, so like us, and boiled away seas and razed cities to the ground and turned night to day so that They could better understand us. They had come and brought the rain that never ended, fields that lay bare beneath ...
    Short Stories
  5. Tragedy of the Dryad

    A queer flower blooms on an ancient tree deep in to the forest. It is a lovely thing with snow white petals and splashed with fiery streaks and an emerald centre. It only blooms on the tree branches once a year.
    A young man was once walking through the forest with his bow in hand looking for a stag or a boar. He was indeed looking for a large addition to his store of meat for winter was on wing.
    It was when his arrow missed a stag he heard somewhere in the forest the most beautiful ...
    Short Stories
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