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  1. the Amulet (not final)

  2. Prologue to My Novel Part 2


    “I admit, a name like “The Grays” is not really a worthy name for a people. We have little contact with them in fact, I couldn’t be more precise unless you would count encountering each other in the Esson regularly. It isn’t through any will of our own, as a boy I remember being afraid of the Grays. They are an elusive people. Their skin is of gray complexion, hence ...
  3. Prologue to my Novel Part 1

    Here is one prologue I've written for my novel, which is a work in progress. I plan to change it a bit other than it's posting here but wanted to share it for a little bit of exposure on the forums and see what people think. It's 16 paperback pages about, 6,232 words in total, but truncated for the proper number of characters here.

    1: A Colorful Situation

    Hasser was a ...
  4. Ballad of Trevaryu

    This is a poem I wrote back in middle school, after I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time. I had forgotten about it completely, but while digging through my room the other day, I unearthed it. Though some of the rhymes aren't exact, and the rhythm's kind of fickle, I think it's aged rather well.

    The story is that of Trevaryu, a somewhat melancholy seer of the nomadic Bewoun tribe, whose lover, Eibann, went to war. While he was gone, she had a vision of herself wasting away ...

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  5. my map

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