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  1. Fan Fiction: Fen Harel and the Tree

    Posted originally on the Archive of Our Own at Fen'Harel and the Tree - Clariana13 - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own].

    Rating: Mature
    Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
    Category: Gen, Multi, Other, F/F
    Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Relationship: Andruil/Ghilan'nain, Fen'Harel/Andruil/Ghilan'nain
    Character: Andruil, Ghilan'nain, Mythal, Anaris (Dragon Age: Inquisition), Solas/Fen'Harel
    Additional Tags: Elvhen Pantheon,
  2. Some Thoughts on Utilitarianism

    I felt like I needed to write something before I exploded, so I figured I'd put down some of my ideas about ethics. With one exception, this isn't intended to convince anyone of anything, just to show where I'm coming from and give some idea of why the morality in my stories seems so odd sometimes. I tried to address objections from as many points of view as possible--give me a holler if I missed anything, or if there's anything you don't understand.

    Utilitarianism? What's that? ...
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  3. Your Soul is MINE!

    Admit it. You wanted to see brutal death.

    I’ve got you. In your soul, you are corrupt. You have always been a servant of the Demon King. And now you are aware of it.

    Until your eyes see dawn tomorrow, your soul belongs to me.

    Go forth, my new servant! Breed chaos and death, and feed me your strength so that my true power will be revealed. Show me your presence!

    Let the voice of my slaves call out!

  4. Jed and the Cold Bloods - Ch. 7

    Chapter VII

    ‘Maybe you’re out of ammo, maybe the gun is knocked out of your hand. Maybe you discover what you save in coin buying cheap tin-cased bullets ain’t worth your trusty .45 jamming at the wrong moment. The point is, sooner or later shooting won’t be an option. I’ve seen more than one deadeye put in the ground for lack of a backup weapon.

    Boot knife, knuckle dusters, blackjack. Whatever blows your skirt up. Hell, it wasn’t too long ago our predecessors ...
  5. Jed and the Cold Bloods - Ch. 6

    Chapter VI

    ‘On the first day, let all feast and make merry.

    But before nourishing the body,

    Let there be a more generous banquet for the soul,’

    - ‘The Prism of Heaven’, Chapter 6: Verse 22

    It was by all accounts a fine Sunday meal, though perhaps ‘feast’ was too strong a word when compared to the overgenerous banquets of the prosperous east. This was the only regular occasion of merriment to be had in those ...
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