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  1. Gone

    I wished something more
    Than I could be now,
    And a body laid to rest
    Seemed too far away.

    With lost whispers gone
    And a life unsung
    Without deed and
    Property acknowledged.

    Farewell, then, steadfast
    Calm realizes an impasse
    Of who and how and when
    A greater goal was left.
  2. Research: Travel Times

    Here I'm listing some of my research into Travel Times, most of which I discovered on another forum, (naturally I can't remember where). However, it seems sound and makes a good guideline for writing.

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  3. ----

    Seek pleasure in the shadow of pain, when the world cannot be seen through that rose-colored glass: when matters of the heart and mind deceive and morality, betwixt in selfishness, promises nothing
  4. ---

    The world waits
    Until I'm awake,
    But must hold time
    In between the space,
    Of what is known
    And what is perceived.
    How much longer
    Until there is no
    Middle ground.
  5. --

    I walked home today,
    Neither alone
    Or near in that grey
    Dreary mist, that
    Solidified an
    Unknown delay.

    Of which no reason
    Should I walk more,
    Displayed in season,
    So frivolous
    By nature's demand.

    And the cold settled
    Deep in the bone,
    And my heart nettled,
    A desire
    Lost in that cruel wind,
    Whispering 'alone'.
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