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  1. Prologue to my debut Novel

    Memories of King Tyrel Salvidawn

    I wearily push the golden doors open and drag myself across the threshold into the sanctuary. Each step is in the uncertain. Should this be my last thought, then I wish to share it with another so that our fight, our sacrifices, may give you hope in despair. The battle will not end, not while there is one last Sentinel to fight for the safety of Anmor. Although I do not know what may become of me, my faith in this soldier grants me ...
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  2. Micro-story

    I’m not much of a romantic, but the sunrise in Ohio, on the best of terms, is enough to move me. Usually that movement is restricted to the day’s first cigerette, habit trumps all. Now, I’m not delusional enough to believe Ohio is some great state, where the view can be stamped on a postcard and marketed to newlyweds on the cusp of the greatest. Though Ohio does have the supernatural ability to be mundane, the quiet guy in the back of the class who wears solid color tee-shirts but might be somewhat ...
  3. Beginnings: Blood Price

    This is the first of these I'm selling instead of giving away for free, as I'm finally confident it's worth something. The publisher's blurb was a bit sub-par, so I thought I'd promote it my own way: showing how it starts, and seeing if it hooks anyone.

    -- -- -- --

    Bob kept telling himself that it could be worse. After all, his niece of sixteen years (who was also his ward of six, and his perpetual worry of three months) could have decided to join a cult. She could ...

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  4. Chapter 1 Scene 4 (reviosn) The House on Berry Bay.


    “Who did this boy? The woman demanded in Senegalese as she poured water over the young boy’s broken, bleeding skin.
    The child hesitated, “John.” The boy replied, wincing as the older woman began to spread a salve over his back. She gritted her teeth as she worked, she could see the child’s struggle as he tried to hold back the tears that stung his eyes. The women started to chant softly waving her hands around wildly, the rhythmic ritualistic words calmed ...

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  5. The House on Berry Bay Street Ch1 S3 (revision)

    Again I have revised this scene, I was not at all happy with the previous version so I did not even bother to post it. Trust me it was THAT bad!

    Anyhow, ignoring the obvious things such as Grammar and punctuation, which I cleaned up as much as I am capable of, thoughts?

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Emily slid into the passenger seat of Dean’s Dodge neon. The little four door had survived the storms of the previous year, but was a bit worse for ...

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