Introducing Myths Inscribed – An Online Fantasy Magazine

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Myths Inscribed, an online fantasy magazine created by members of Mythic Scribes. The purpose of the magazine is to provide a venue for quality fantasy writing of all sorts—with a very broad interpretation of “fantasy.”

Our first issue features original stories from Benjamin Clayborne, Alice Leiper, K.R. Foster, and Brian W. Foster.  It also presents an original poem by Lorna Smithers.

The quality of writing in this publication is superb.  But don’t take my word for it.  You can read the inaugural issue here:

Myths Inscribed – an online fantasy magazine

We have big plans for this ezine, so please spread the word and stay tuned for more.  Great things are coming.

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  1. Nice! I just skimmed the first ‘edition’ and can’t wait to brew a cup of tea and spend some time there this morning.

  2. Great initiative !!!! I wish you all the inspiration and support with this ezine,… and hopefully I will get to the author level some day that you guys will ‘print’ my stories :-)


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