The Iron Pen Anthology is Now Available!

Click to View on Amazon
Click to View on Amazon

We’re excited to announce the publication of the Iron Pen Anthology: Volume 1.

This is a collection of stories written by members of Mythic Scribes.  Each of these stories was written for one of our Iron Pen contests, which challenge writers to come up with fantasy stories based on four prompts.

This anthology features eight winning entries, which have been further expanded and polished, as well as a bonus story.

The collection includes:

  • Jack of Lies by Michael Poretski
  • A Winter to Remember by Anita Howitt
  • Perfection by Philip Overby
  • The Lamp by Robert MacAnthony
  • Madness by Tim Goff
  • Broken Promises by John Wong
  • Man in White by Brian W. Foster
  • Painted Truths by Martin Spernau
  • Seven Undying by Kassan Warrad

You can learn more about these stories and their authors at Cracked Anvil Press.

No themes. No shared worlds. Just stories that have earned the Iron Pen.

Ebook Giveaway

In celebration of the anthology’s publication, we are giving away two digital copies.  The winners will be able to choose between Kindle and Nook formats.

For a chance to win, simply volunteer a prompt for a future Iron Pen contest.  Here are some sample prompts that have been used in the past:

  • The site of a costly battle
  • Something unexpected
  • A secret buried
  • A survivor

Leave your prompt in the comments below.  If we decide to use it, you will be one of the two winners.

Check out the Iron Pen Anthology: Volume 1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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