Fantasy Writing Discussions December 31, 2012

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  • Of Time Travel and Genocide
    I had a thought the other day; based off a dream I had the night before. Basically, the idea is that an alien world is on the verge of destruction…
  • First Draft: Shorter or Longer?
    I have with me a question that has been bugging me for a while.  Are first drafts normally longer than needed and need toning down, or…
  • Action and Variety
    Do people find they have a favorite type of action or challenge for a scene?  I mean, a given point in the story could be about things as different…
  • Both Sides of the Wardrobe
    I recently purchased the third book in the Adventurers Wanted series. Only at chapter two when I had an idea for a dual-world giving dual conflicts….
  • Relationships & Conflict in Your Writing
    I read a blog by Sam Sykes today which discussed the relationship between “conflict” and “relationships” in…
  • Naming Characters, Places & Things?
    I’m the worst ever namer of people, places and things.  How do you guys do it?  To me there is so much FINALITY about it. What if I write an 100k…
  • Average Chapter Word Count
    I’m currently outlining my novel and would like to hear what you think is a reasonable chapter word count.  I know it will vary from author to…
  • Do historical events inspire your plots?
    I often say that history inspires a lot of my world-building, but this time I’m talking not about Counterpart Cultures but about the influence of…
  • Myth versus History
    As has been pointed out in this very forum, probably multiple times, a lot of fantasy writers take a very literal approach to their mythologies…
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