Fantasy Writing Discussions February 11, 2013

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  • Seeing the Finishing Line
    Hi, I’ve just recently joined the forum and have read many intersting and useful threads. One of particular note recently was active and passive…
  • 2 Points from Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing – Description
    First, let’s not get bogged down in the discussion of rules vs. guidelines. This is part of a set of rules Leonard used for himself.  1) Avoid…
  • How to Sort the Priests
    So in one of my world’s religious systems, the Orthodoxy, they worship six gods, collectively called the Lagarach. These are:
  • Creature Confusion
    In my current WIP majority of the “intelligent” races are creature based off of creatures from the ancient mythologies of past cultures…
  • Where to start?
    I would like some feedback on what point in my story’s timeline to start from.  The protagonist in my novel lives in our world, and is a fictional…
  • It’s Hunting Season…and I’m Hunting Adverbs!
    Alright so I am trying to improve my writing skills and be more efficient in my words. I’ve been told before I have trouble with redundancy and over…
  • Romance And Gender.
    Planning a love story from a female POV has made me start thinking about how women view romance. This had the side effect of making me think about…
  • I need a simple test for magic ability.
    My story requires my MC to perform a very simple, basic test to see if she has any talent as a magician. (Turns out she doesn’t.) So, I need a…
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