Fantasy Writing Discussions March 25, 2013

  • What are the rules of Naming?
    I know what you’re thinking from reading the title, “There are no rules for naming”, and I know that there are no right or wrong ways or any…
  • Translating a Country Name
    The name of my third Revenaunt book is in Dutch: Ordelanden.  These three countries are each ruled by a militant order, like the Teutonic Order….
  • 30 Things Every Writer Should Know
    Myke Cole tweeted this article by novelist Matt Haig which I thought had some interesting points. Most of the points have to do with publishing and…
  • Do you think a book like this could be published?
    I was reading a book that listed everything in Greek Myth in a chronological order. This book is written in a sort of Tell, don’t show fashion. It…
  • Sex?
    How many of you use sex scenes in your WIP? I have made several unreserved sexual scenes in my novel because I feel like it’s a vital part of the…
  • Schizophrenia
    Hey everyone.
    In my WIP the villain becomes sort of “possessed” by the evil half of someone’s soul. This dark half then steers him to do what he…
  • Acknowledging your Editor in your Book
    A question:  With my Dutch publisher, it is usual to mention the names of both the editor and the illustrator on the copyright page of the book.
  • Help with my query, please.
    I’m getting ready to send out a query letter, but I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. Since I can’t afford to have someone review it on a paid…
  • Are Elves, Orcs, Etc. Dead?
    Something interesting I’ve been thinking about recently. Are traditional fantasy races going the way of the dodo? Meaning, will one day they cease…
  • Help with publishing
    Hello. I would like to start work to publish my book.  Can someone help me with how to start?
  • Titling a Book
    I’m about 2,000 words away from finishing my novel, which I plan on submitting to agents for traditional publication. Now, I realize that publishers…

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