Fantasy Writing Discussions November 12, 2012

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  • Wizards Vs. Warlocks
    Is there a difference between wizards and warlocks (not the WoW ones)? To me, wizards are the ones who can shoot fireballs or ice-balls and some…
  • Some Tips and Insight from Steve Berry

    I was listening to Book Radio on Sirius XM today and they were interviewing an author named Steve Berry…

  • Examples of Show vs. Tell
    I’m trying to think of good show vs. tell examples. Just something to help me practice conveying character’s personalities. What are your thoughts…
  • Ways of Addressing

    My lady beta reader had a remark about my use of ‘boy’ between two youths of similar ages. My MC, who is twenty, said to…

  • Book and Chapter Length Help?
    So, right now, my chapters are about 1300-1400 words on average. My longest chapter so far is 2700 words and my shortest is around 900. So far I’m…
  • Need reasonable physical indicator of drug use
    One of my characters is using a dangerous stimulant, and I’d like for long term use of it to be recognizable via some kind of physical indicator.
  • Zingers in Fiction
    Ever read a sentence or passage and think, Wow, that’s a remarkable sentence or passage. Could I have written that…? Most of my favorite books…
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