Fantasy Writing Discussions November 19, 2012

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  • “Anachronistic” Technology in a Fantasy Setting
    I’m reassessing some of the worldbuilding I’d thought I finished a while ago, and I keep asking myself if I’m going far enough in terms of the…
  • The Right Time To Write
    There is this myth among writes regarding the “right time to write.” Believing it can be rather limiting on your ability to be creative… but it…
  • Forms of Magic
    On a new project, I am making the different races of “man” be direct descendants of deities. So with each race I want them to inherit their patron…
  • Discovering your Story has been done before
    Has anyone experienced writing a story and then finding it has been done elsewhere. I am writing a story and one of my main ‘scenarios’ towards the…
  • Advice for Writers by Gerald Murnane
    I just stumbled over this article about an Australian writer, and wanted to share his “rules for writers” advice.
    Especially 4 and 5 I think are…
  • Why would an author choose to write in the present tense?
    I read a lot of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and never really thought about whether it was written in the past or present tense. It turns out that…
  • Blank Spots on the Map
    While musing on my interests in history, anthropology, and archaeology, I have noticed that the cultures and time periods that appeal to my creative…
  • kindle direct publishing
    any one have thoughts on publishing through kindle direct publishing? Any stories good or bad?
  • Elfs or elves
    is there a standard? Same question would apply to dwarfs or dwarves.
  • A Tale Too Long to Sell?
    I like a fantasy novel with elements of mystery and intrigue woven in and now I’ve written one. My manuscript is not “fluffy”–granted at this point…
  • Literary Agent Advice
    Hi all,Last year I finally completed my first fantasy fiction novel. I spent the year editing and revising, and now I’m looking for agents. I’m…
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