Fantasy Writing Discussions November 26, 2012

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  • Does this sound like a plausible/interesting plot to you?
    My main characters Fen and Tully, recently reunited in a foreign land and looking to restart their lives together are offered a chance to get revenge…
  • Killing a main character
    Is it possible or smart to not only kill a main character but to also make them increasingly important and present in the story without bringing them…
  • Treskri – help needed
    Treskri is heavily inspired by Greek, Roman and Celtic mythology.
    Other inspirations include: Drowtales, Crusader Kings 1 & 2,
  • Writing a Fight
    How do you write a fight scene and avoid it being a clunky piece of paragraph describing everything?My main problem is that some of my character…
  • The struggle to settle.
    Hey guys, I’m having a little trouble sitting down and writing. The fact of the matter is, i love the idea of fantasy, magic battles in particular. I…
  • Two paths one story
    I’m currently writing a new novel that revolves around two characters. They way I am planning to write it has them interacting very little maybe for…
  • Is this offensive or could it be viewed as such.
    So for one of the major capitol’s of my world i was thinking of using A’lam Iblis which is arabic for world despair. Yes, my villains do use this city…
  • Naming Beasts
    Exactly how much latitude do you get when you use an old term in a new sense? For example, if I created a species of giant, terrible, man-eating,…
  • Creating a truly Vegan society.
    Hi, I just recently discovered this site whilst doing research for a novel I’m trying to write. I was encouraged by the amount of help everyone gives…
  • Frequency of magic-users in a setting with a masquerade
    Given a setting where magic is a well-kept secret, about what percent of the population would need to be magic-users to create these effects:
  • Mendelian magic inheritance – the plotline question
    Since Thanksgiving’s supposed to be about family, here’s a puzzler that’s been kicking around my head for a while:A lot of us define magical…
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