Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter One, Part 1

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  1. Chapter One - A Shocking Discovery.

    I sighed as I was pulling the needle through the cloth. Why did I have to be here, Christian, our leader, our Commander and the eldest of us Undying, had ordered us all to the Capital because there was a chance of an all out assault on Spear from the Country of Scythe. But surely it didn’t need all eleven of us to be here, I thought to myself as I sighed aloud and counted my stitches. There are only seven Undying in the country of Scythe. The Scythe King Judas had yet to find someone who was equal or exceeding Judas, the Stone Scythe. The Stone Scythe was the eldest of all Undying, he survived the war which brought an end to the Undying Empire. It was he who established the custom that each country adopting a single weapon class. And it was me that had killed him in a strike of chance thirty years ago. A buzz of magic blinked into existence by my ear. I was, by now far too used to this to be even startled by it.

    “Aquaria, you are needed in the palace in the Privy Council Chambers.” Gina said.

    Gina- The Lady of Snow and my ancestor. She was one half of a pair- that being her husband in fact, that mentored me when I first became a member of the Undying forty-four years ago now.

    “The Privy Council Chambers?” I asked, shocked.

    “Yes, Scythe has attacked the border town of Kaze. We are still waiting for more information from the Wind Talk network as well as intelligence from the Strike Aces. Come as quickly as you can!” She the added, and ended the spell.

    I got up picking up my Spear and quickly walked out of the night room stopping briefly to gaze at the mirror. Looking back at me was someone in the prime of life, clear blue eyes framed by artfully plucked line of eyebrows, a sliver of silver white the same tone as my hair. High sculpted cheek bones added a contour shape to my otherwise rounded face. A lock of my long hair had come loose from my simple pony tail. When you have hair down to your knees it needs to be bound otherwise it become nothing more then a trial on my already surly disposition. Nigel my Steward bowed to me as I walked out the main doors. Gina was another like me. She along with her husband Hawke founded my Noble House about three hundred years ago. I walked along the paths of the gardens that joined our residences with the Palace. Walking in the palace I didn’t have time to look around in wonder to see if there was any new pieces of artwork. I have always liked admiring the tapestries that Kimberley had woven. I got to the double doors of the Privy Council Chamber and stopped. I took in a deep breath and put on my mask. Politics is all about perception and the perception I wanted to give off was back off or I kill you. I pushing through the doors like the force of nature that according to my reputation said I was. I stormed into the room and took my seat. Noticing that Jessica’s and Ander’s was empty.

    “We are all assembled now. Jessica, what is your report?” Christian said with a smirk to me.

    “The report from Commander Angelica Thunderwind says that a force three times as much as the garrison of Kaze is being led by the Storm Scythe and the Flame Scythe. Lord Commander Aaron Waterflame has confirmed the report. He will be staying in the keep to oversee this years graduating Cadets in the defence of the keep and the evacuated citizens of Kaze.” She said and didn’t sound happy about it.

    “What of the two Strike Aces and the Mage Border Regiment?” The King asked.

    “Commander Jason Thunderwind has taken over or as near as I can make it, total command of the defence force. Last I spoke, both himself and Commander Angelica had engaged both Scythes in one on one combat while the rest are fighting off the attack force. This was ten minutes ago. Both Ander and I are still a couple of hours out from Kaze. But I am sensing a lot of magic building up in that direction and one hell of a storm is brewing.” She said.

    “Keep us informed on when you get there. The Wind Talk Regiment has been told to keep the connection open and information will be sent from on the ground.” Christian then said with a frown.

    “Will do.” Jessica said and the connection closed.

    The nine of us Spears along with the King, Queen, Crown Prince, Grand Chamberlain and the Generals of all of Spear’s military looked at each other. I would have said that the look of despair was prevalent.

    “The Commander’s Thunderwind have engaged the Scythes in one on one. Is it me or doesn’t this seem to be folly?” Brigadier Philip Stoneguard said with shock.

    “Jason Thunderwind has faced the Drake, Storm Scythe before in single combat, and I can vouch that Commander Angelica Thunderwind is just as skilled.” Christian then said with a frown but shook his head.

    “We will begin the mobilisation of the surrounding forces in fact the towns on the border have already started fortifying and forces are being called from the surrounds but won’t be ready until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Commander Nathan Thunderwind has already called for the Strike Aces to travel to Kaze in that region to back up the forces there or lead hit and run attacks on the forces to buy time.” Crown Prince Jal said reading off a sheet of paper that had been handed to him from an aid around the room.

    Christian had unrolled a large map in the middle of the big square table we was sitting at and placed blocks around as forces called in to say their status and begin planning. All this took around two hours. I just listened. I was mainly part of the coastal forces which was on the western border of Spear. But I did make note to organise the Healers Guild. Hawke soon sat next to me and we went over the healing aspects of war.

    “Your Majesty, the Lady of Seeing is communicating now.” An aide shouted.

    A focus floated into the middle of the table.

    “The attack is over. All the Scythe forces have been killed.” She said shortly but judging from her tone there was shock there.

    A collective gasp echoed around the room and muttering began. The King raised his hands and silence soon prevailed.

    “Lady Jessica carry on with your report.” He said but I could tell from his posture that he was relieved.

    “Ander and I arrived just in time to watch the destruction of the normal attack force and the two on one duel between the Scythes and a Cadet.” She said.

    Everyone was frowning now.

    “Get your backsides moving! I want the bodies of the Defence Guard along with the Commanders Thunderwind laid out in state in the main hall. The healer kids are dealing with the kid that saved your behinds.” The voice of Ander could be heard at that moment.

    “Jessica, are you there?” Christian said after a moment of silence. All we could hear was shouts from a mass of people from the focus.

    “Yes, sorry dealing with the two Cadets that are performing healing on the Cadet that took over the defence of the Keep.”

    “His name is Jace Thunderwind.” A girls strained voice said.

    “Right, excuse me.” Jessica said and the sounds of others was silenced.

    “Sorry about that your Majesty, had to craft a shroud. It is chaos here at the moment.”

    “It is quite alright Lady Jessica and fully understandable. Perhaps you can fully explain the situation... Completely this time.” The King said leaning forward. Interest clearly shown on his face.

    “As you Command.” Jessica said respectfully. “I had sent a seeing focus as we drew near to get a look at the situation. The Cadet group was acting like the final line of defence to the keep. From what I could make out they launched two volleys of magic at the attack force marching towards the keep before having to defend with a perfectly crafted multi element barrier. The Scythes made their way to the front with Commanders Jason and Angelica Thunderwind in a bind floating behind them. The Scythes praised the Cadets and ordered them to surrender and as warning beheaded the commanders. The lead Cadet Snapped magically at that point and killed everyone barring the Scythes as he flew upwards and floated to the ground in front of the Scythes. It appears that the storm was his doing. With the rain and his lightning attack jumped from body to body. The Scythes blocked it but couldn’t counter the magic.” She explained.

    Again a gasp sounded around the room.

    “Carry on.” The King said excited.

    “We had just arrived at Kaze at this point. The Cadet used a spell from Jason Thunderwind’s repertoire and instantly killed Lucius and then turned to face Drake. Drake attacked, but the Cadet managed to jump back in time leaving his weapon to take the attack. This was when we actually got to the combat site. The Cadet ignored our arrival and shot lightning at Drake. They had a test of power and the Cadet snapped again. After this last snap the Cadet overpowered Drake and killed him. At this moment in time the Cadet has blacked out from exhaustion and shock. Two of the other Cadets who are healers are seeing to his status while Ander is trying to bring order.” She said.

    “The Cadet is named Jace Thunderwind?” The King asked.

    “Yes, he is the son of the late Commanders.” Jessica confirmed.

    “Very well. Let us know the status of the Cadet when he wakes. We will leave you to get things in order, having Lord Ander do it alone might not be the best of things without oversight.” The King said.

    The Focus winked out.

    “I need to know everything about this Jace Thunderwind.” Christian said to an aide who then ran out of the room.
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