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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter One, Part 2

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. “Well it would seem that our planning is for nothing.” The Crown Princes said smiling at last.

    “So it would seem. Thoughts anyone?” Queen Akane questioned the room.

    “I can’t believe that a Cadet did all that.” Steve muttered.

    “The Thunderwind family appears to be very talented. Every single one of them is a Strike Ace.” Kimberley then said.

    Just then an aide came running in room and handed Christian a stacks of files.

    “Nathan Thunderwind just delivered these, there are also copies.” Christian said handing two files to the King and Queen while keeping one for himself.

    “Jace Thunderwind. Age; Fifteen. Parents; Commander Jason Thunderwind, Commander Angelica Thunderwind. Element; Wind. Weapon; Wand-Spear and in his graduating year at Kaze Cadet School.” Christian read out the front page and then flipped it over to read on.

    They read as more notes was passed from aids to us in the middle.

    “Top of his class in every subject.” The King muttered.

    “Instructors not able to instruct him in anything as it is clear he already knew the subject material.” Christian said.

    “It is very clear he is talented and from Lady Jessica said has now snapped thrice.” The Queen commented.

    “So be it.” The king said after a moment of skimming the pages and stood up. “I will make him the twelfth. His actions have proved that he is deserving of the honour.” He then finished in a stately manner.

    After that a surge of anger washed through me. The others not reading looked at me as magic flowed out of me. I didn’t care. That the King would make a commoner child that no one had heard of the twelfth no matter what he achieved. This would in effect make this boy my partner. I was pissed. The looks of understanding soon from the other Spears. Christian and Kimberley gave me looks of compassion. Then Christian walked to me and sat on my other side and opened the file so I could read the pages. It was a school report on combat and tactics. I had to let out a small giggle as the magic within me calmed. It appears that Jace Thunderwind was the same as myself when it comes to anger. Reading some more of the pages it turns out that the boy was very intelligent and I instantly picked up on one comment. ‘During exercise planning and comes up with strategies outside the normal standards for Cadet Students, this suggests that he is receiving outside tuition based on Strike Ace tactics.’

    I looked for more information on his character in the file. Everything written was making me like the boy more and more. Christian got up and walked back to his place. I have to admit that I was absorbed in the file to really take notice of the others.

    “Lady Jessica again.” An aide said. And it was this that broke my concentration.

    A focus appeared.

    “Everything is now in order. The Scythe weapons have been moved by myself and placed in the Keeps vault for now. The Cadet is still on the ground but the two healers say he has stabilised and they are letting him rest for now allowing the mind to recover or something.” She said.

    I raised my eyebrows at this and looked to Hawke who did the same.

    “It would appear that not only Cadet Jace Thunderwind is talented but the Healer Cadets there are also. They have healed the body and letting the mind take over instead of bringing him too magically. This will strengthen the minds hold on the body along helping with cogitative functions.” Hawke said in an impressed tone. All I could do was nod along.

    “Lady Jessica, when the Cadet wakes and you have time so he understands but he will be the Twelfth and bare the title Lord of Storms as I take it he is Storm natured.” Said the King.

    Jessica gasped, but got control of her voice.

    “Yes, he is definitely Storm Natured. The other Cadets and the Lord Commander confirmed this when I asked them a little about him. Said he has always been able to use Lightning Spells.” She said.

    Christian, the King, the Queen and I along with the others scowled at that and looked to each other frowning.

    “His Cadet report clearly states that he is Wind Element.” The King said, frowning more.

    “The Kid has apparently been hiding his true abilities from the Instructors when being assessed. One of them just told me that the Kid along with his parents had shown all the Cadets here a few things.” Ander then said.

    “Can you get us more information Lord Ander?” The Queen asked.

    “Sorry, when I tried they all stayed tight lipped after that. The best way to know for sure would be when the Kid wakes. And if your Majesty is serious about him being one of us then that would mean that Jess and me will be his mentors. We can test his knowledge tomorrow morning.” Ander said in tone that suggested that he was amused as always.

    “We will go with that. I will be interested in Jessica’s assessment of him.” Christian said.

    “Understood.” Jessica said and sighed.

    “Also there is another thing. The Thunderwind’s are meant to be commoners right? Well one of the citizens and others confirmed it and pointed to their residence.” Ander said.

    “What about their residence?” Andrew asked frowning at the focus even if they couldn’t see the expression.

    “Next to the keep is it easily the second biggest structure in the town, that is including the Lord Garrison Commander’s residence. I think there is more to the family that meets the eye and not that they are just Aces.” He said in an uncommonly serious way.

    “We can only hope and wait to see if the Cadet accepts the Spear or not to get to the bottom of the matter. Remember it is not against the law for commoners to have money and means Ander.” Christian said with a sigh.

    “Right you are boss. Oh, the Kid is coming too. We will let you know more when we know more.” Ander said.

    “Very well, also tell the Cadets that for their actions this eve that they have earned a place at the Royal College. I will personally sponsor them.” Crown Prince Jal said.

    The focus closed and all looked to the Prince.

    “You will personally sponsor them son?” The King asked him as he turned to the Prince.

    “Yes, not only did they face an attack force but also two Scythes in a combat situation. Two of the Cadets apart from Jace Thunderwind are also talented judging by the looks of the Lord of the Depths and Lady of the Lake. Reports that the others also received some instruction from the late Commander’s has to say something also. You know full well what Jason Thunderwind was like. If someone had the potential then he would go out of his way to make sure they achieved it weather they wanted it or not.” The Crown Prince said.

    The King chuckled.

    “Yes, I had forgotten about that aspect of his character, very well. You may sponsor the Cadets. We should be seen as rewarding the ones that stepped forward to help protect the citizens of our country in harrowing circumstances.” The King said seriously.

    I carried on reading the file.

    “I trust that the Lady of the Lake has no objections to you raising the Thunderwind child to Spear your Majesty.” The Grand Chamberlain said.

    “Mmm. Lady Aquaria… err… any objections?” The King asked me but he looked on guard.

    “I am withholding judgement until I at least meet him.” I said with a resigned tone.

    To be honest the more I read this file the more I wanted to meet him. I also remembered how his parents spoke about him a few years ago. What did they say again. That he was cheeky but extremely hard working and a very quick study when it came to magic.

    “We will head to Kaze, we will leave soon and camp before arriving in the morning, I need to deal with the weapons if anything else. No matter if Jace Thunderwind turns down the offer to be a Spear.” The King said.

    I had to sigh at this. I hated to travel. But I will make sure that I will be in a carriage and not ride a horse.

    “Right everyone, I suggest you head to your residences and pack for an over night stop. Kimberley and I along with Aquaria will pack for two nights just in case young Jace accepts the King’s offer. I will tell James and a couple of others from Jessica’s staff to come with us.” Christian said.

    I left the room and headed back to my residence. Nigel met me as soon as I walked in. I half suspected that he had magic because he would always greet me when I walk in.

    “My Lady.” He said with a bow.

    “Nigel, I will need some clothes packing for a one night maybe two night stop. Scythe attacked but the attack force was defeated and they lost two Undying. The royal family and all us Spears need to get there by tomorrow morning.” I said to him.

    “Everything will be done, my lady.” He said bowing again.

    “Oh, yes, there could be quite probably another Spear.” I said to him and I frowned.

    His eyes widened. But he didn’t say anything and headed towards the kitchen while I headed to the night room again. I packed up the table cloth that I was working on and just slumped back into the chair.

    “I don’t know what to think!” I shouted into the room.

    My mind was buzzing with all manners of things. For forty four years I had thought I found my own way, yes I had known a couple of men in my time but nothing that would be called lasting, but joining with a fifteen year old? Now this. Then something hit me. The boy over powered Drake right after snapping for the third time. That would mean he has Undying levels of mana with just the third snap. He would be the most powerful of us and he has already killed two Undying. The others already considered me the most powerful of the Spears, but this boy. If he accepts the Spear he will snap a forth time not only that because his and my Spear are twins and made from the same piece of ore or so it is told will affect me. Making me more powerful, the bonding will be interesting at least. That was my last thought before I closed my eyes.

    A cough woke me up.

    “My Lady, your luggage has been put on the carriage and the Lord of Spears is waiting.” Nigel said a little nervously.


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