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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Three, Part 1

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. Chapter Three – Demonstrations and Changing.

    Jessica led us out and I was boiling over in a rage. Strangely there was no magic. In my anger I felt that Jace was somehow suppressing it. He really was intuitive when it came to magic. When we reached the back garden myself along with the others barring Jace stopped and looked in shock at what there. Instead of a garden it was a military training ground. All sorts of obstacles along with platforms at differing heights was set over a large open area. In the middle was four pillars which looked like a smallish sparing area set into a square.

    “What is this?” Christian asked weakly.

    “Oh only the outside training area for fitness and sparing.” Jace answered in an offhand way like it was nothing.

    “Built for whom?” Kimberley asked just as weakly.

    “Me.” He simply replied.

    I have had enough of this and turned to Jessica.

    “Back to the matter at hand!” I said loudly and impatiently. “Jace and I was have a moment alone and without an audience and you saw fit to spy on that private moment!” I said scowling right at Jessica.

    “It was for you own protection and for the welfare and protection of the Town.” Jessica retorted just as sharply.

    “Don’t you think that we both know that it is dangerous to touch at the moment!” I snapped back.

    “We do know that, but you as well as I and the rest of us know that the flattery and omission of ‘I am just me’ was sweat and heart rending enough that caution could and would have been thrown to the wind. Tell me that your heart didn’t melt there a little when you heard that Aquaria.” Kimberley said with fondness and softness.

    That struck me unable to say anything. As soon as he said that I vowed to myself that he was mine. And I could feel my face getting warm again. What was this boy doing to my bodily reactions!

    “The pair of you run on extreme emotion, help us all if and when you get pissed at each other, also think about this, your spike in rage didn't effect Jace at all. In fact he is unknowingly helping you to calm down. A wind and storm may help fuel the rage of the sea but if there is no wind the sea is calm.” Ander said.

    “But there is another issue besides your embarrassment and the interrupting of our entertainment. Jace demonstrated some spell work that not only have I been struggling to develop but was starting to think impossible.” Jessica than said turning to Jace.

    We all turned to him.

    “Which spell work is that?” He asked in a coy tone and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

    This boy was trying to play her and I could help but grin slightly.

    “You know damn well which, the finding of, hijacking of and altering of my Seeing Lens Focus.”

    “Oh that. Just something that has been passed down in my family.” He said in nonchalance and shrugging.

    “Which side of your family?” Jessica asked in a tone that clearly indicated she wasn't buying it.

    “The maternal side, which else would it have been.” He said with a sigh and seemed to break the mask as his body sagged a little.

    Now it was Jessica’s turn to look angry.

    “How long ago was it developed?” She asked.

    “Coming up to two centuries.”

    “That’s… don't you think it should have been published to the national index? Of what good could have been done with it?” She then asked him.

    “It was deemed to be more dangerous than beneficial, I could have instead of making it known to you spied back at you without you being any wiser. The head of the family deemed it a hidden spell and only those of blood can use it. I trust you understand when I say hidden right?” He explained.

    “Are there any other hidden spells within your family, from either side?” Christian asked in an interested tone of voice.

    “A few, my Mother’s side was more for espionage. Combat for my Father’s side.”

    “And I assume you know of and can use each and every one of them and that each and every one of them is not in the National Index.” Ander stated instead of asking a question.

    “Which would be the best answer to give without landing myself into trouble?” He said while smirking that was was threatening to turn into that crooked grin I loved.

    This caused Christian and Kimberley to groan, Jessica and Ander to roll their eyes I winked at him making sure the others didn’t see it. But he smiled at me and slightly nodded his head to indicate acknowledgement.

    “You said this is the outside training area, I am assuming there is an indoor one also?” Ander asked him with a little narrowing of his eyes.

    “Yes, the basement area, it's been warded so no damage can occur from spell work on the range.”

    “You have an indoor range for projectile spells underneath your house?” Christian asked slowly while pinching the bridge of his nose.

    “Was that a question for me to answer? Or a statement or rhetorical?” He said tilting his head and reverting from being a mature person to what a fifteen year old would say.

    I burst out laughing, he had them eating out the palm of his hand.

    “You have to admit, he has the perfect mix of youth, maturity and sarcasm to be one of us.” I said laughter still toning my voice.

    “Either that or he is acting the teenager he actually is.” Kimberley muttered in a groan.

    “I reiterate, I am just me.” He said winking at me.

    The others didn’t seem to catch the wink but I did and had to grin back at him.

    “Since you demonstrated a hidden spell from your Mother's side could you do one from your Father's?” Ander asked him with interest.

    He unsheathed one of the wand blades from his belt and threw it up in the air and disappeared. I looked up and he appeared just as the blade reached the top of its arch and just starting to come down. He caught it and threw it up again and disappeared. He did this a couple of times until he was quite high up in the air. On the last time the blade sheathed itself as he took the spear in both hands. He then turned into a blue light which shot straight down to the middle of the four pillar arrangement light a bolt of lightning. When it impacted and the whole thing took a second or two at most a cloud of sand kicked up and obscured the area, a gust of wind blew to clear the sand cloud to reveal him standing in a small crater with the blade of the Spear sticking in the ground. There was a feral look in his eyes. A feeling of want was coursing through me.

    “Now that is impressive, let me guess an assassination spell?” Ander said to him as he removed the spear and walked back to us in a casual grace.

    He just nodded.

    “I'm more impressed with the wind walk variation that he used to get that high.” Jessica then said.

    “If need be I can cover a great distance in a very quick manner.” He said to her.

    “So you centre the target, kill the target and get out of there in a way the enemy has no way of catching you.” Christian stated using his fingers to count off the process.

    “Pretty much.” He answered him with a nod.

    This scared me more then impressed me. There was no way that I could follow him or protect his back if we was in combat and if left alone to his own devices past history proved that he was the greatest threat to his own safety then anything else.

    “I’m getting the feeling that it wouldn’t be wise for him to even attend the Royal College now.” Jessica then said.

    We chuckled at that but that fear wouldn’t leave me but I kept it from showing. I will have to think of a way to keep up with him.

    “So you want me to be the only Spear without a State Certification? That will really look good, aren't we supposed to be role models and all that?” He asked us as a group with a little head tilt.

    Christian, Kimberley, Jessica and Ander groaned at that but I let out a giggle that bubbled out. They then all looked at me.

    “I foresee that in the future we are going to get more issues with Garrison Commanders who already believe that some of us don’t take things seriously.” Christian muttered.

    “No I have a feeling that they are going to be rubbed the wrong way, being told mistakes with no attempt as being at being diplomatic and what is more told by someone who has little experience” Ander then said.

    “What will be will be, you know never know he may very well centre Aquaria and there will be less aggro.” Kimberley then said.

    “I am looking forward to working with him, shall we head to this Library then?” I asked the group and smiled at them. My anger at Jessica forgotten.

    “Yes, I noticed some things of interest but was sidetracked by a romantic interlude.” Christian replied a grin on his face.

    This caused a blush to form on Jace’s face but also on mine. He led us to the fabled library where Jace chose to slump into a relaxing style chair that was in the room. I realised that this room had the most furniture then what I had thus far had seen. I walked to one of the many aisles of shelves as did the other three. There was far more here then just Wind and Storm magic here. The section I had walked to was purely about Water Element Combat.

    “There is more here then just Storm and Wind Magic here, primers of every element, every combination of the primal four.” Ander then said mirroring my own thoughts.

    “There is centuries of knowledge here, observations of magic being used, analysed and catalogued.” Christian then said.


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