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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Three, Part 2

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. I saw that Jace had unscrewed the Spear and bundled the three sections together placing them across his knee and I wasn’t the only one who noticed this.

    “In your room you will find the Spear’s uniform both for combat and dress, along with a sheath for your Spear. There is also other things that you will need. Mostly we stay in our combat uniform, but you will find clothes that will be suitable for your station. When you attend the College you will be singled out mainly for what you will be wearing the College has a uniform policy but you are exempt from it as you would be exempt from kneeling when the King makes his address at the start of the year.” Jessica said while reading a book.

    He nodded but I wasn’t quite sure if it was to Jessica as she turned into an instructor or to himself.

    “I figured that, I am still looking forward to it. Also the chance of openly flirting with quite possibly the most beautiful lady in the country who will be an instructor there has appeal.” He said making eye contact with me and sticking his tongue out a little at me.

    Emotions ran through me from happiness, confusion, embarrassment and caution along with others one after another but I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks again.

    “The chances of Aquaria instructing you will be slim. In a classroom that is, in private is another matter.” Ander said. Which caused me to blush so much.

    “Which of the Primal Elements make up Storm may I ask?” He then said grinning slightly.

    I stopped myself from gasping as I realised what he said.

    “The majority being Wind but with a small affinity to Fire and….” Christian started and stopped to turn and look at me almost in horror.

    “Water.” I said a smile spreading on my face as I was looking Jace in the eyes and he returned the look. There was so much showing in those stormy gray eyes of his it was almost hypnotic.

    “Jace can you use Water Element Magic effectively?” Jessica then asked him.

    “Minor healing really, more a field medic then an actual healer, nothing as strong or accomplished as Aquaria. As for the Fire Element all I can do is generate heat, which is all I need. I could mess around with the element mix but I would lose Storm if I try to strengthen individual traits.” He explained and turned to look at Jessica breaking our eye contact.

    “Which works out quite well since the Princesses are Water and Wind, he can use Wind and a little of Water, but in a way where he will be in Water Application Classes. And that will mean that Aquaria will be one of his instructors.” Ander then said.

    “Exactly.” He said and turned back to look at me smiling.

    “My house is your house, I am going to change.” He said getting up and leaving the library.

    I watched him leave, I was very tempted to follow him but stopped myself. The amount of power he had over me already was addictive and it must have been the same for him.

    “Well that was interesting.” Ander said with a bark of laughter which broke me from my day dream.

    I turned to them.

    “I feel like I have just laid eyes on my first ever crush. How much of it is the Spear and how much of it is me?” I asked them.

    I felt that my head was clearer when he was out the room and out of sight.

    They all laughed at that.

    “The first moments before bonding is always like that. I know for me I couldn’t wait at all to be bonded to Ander. It made me feel like a silly little school girl myself.” Jessica said lightly but was smiling.

    “The Kid seems to be able to control it better but I know for a fact its playing on his mind. It was like that with me when Jess was near me when I became a Spear. But have you noticed just how much the Kid is taking it all in his stride? It almost feels like he has always been one of us.” Ander said scratching his head.

    “Yes.” Christian said furrowing his eye brows in concentration. “There was no nervousness in him when talking to the King, he even teased him when answering the King’s questions.”

    “He has been taught at least to be a courtier to a degree.” I said. “All the signs are there that he has received some training in how to act in political arenas.” I voiced out my conclusions of Jace’s manner.

    “Yes there is something, sometimes he acts his true age but at others switches to a manner that screams he has been alive far more years then his age and he can switch roles in a split second. He is clearly very intelligent and his ability to think quickly proves he has the potential to be a Battle Operator at a level that could rival my own abilities is also there.” Jessica said.

    “Love he completely dominated you when finding the Scythes in the Keep’s hall.” Ander said wiggling his eyebrows.

    We carried on browsing the books. Jace didn’t appear after a length of time and it was making me anxious. The others seemed to be looking at the door every now or then. After a little more time Jessica spoke.

    “He is crafting spells at a fast pace, nothing powerful but there is a lot of them each of them released fast.”

    “Jessica search the house to find him.” Christian said in a way of an order.

    She shut her eyes and seemed to struggle in concentration. After a minute the expression on her face smoothed out and she opened her eyes to look at us.

    “He appears to be in a large in door area much like the one outside. Below us. Hang on while I map a route to get to the balcony observation area that over looks the room.” She said.

    There was a moment or two before she smiled.

    “Follow me.” She said simply.

    We followed her out of the library and down the stairs to a door near the kitchen. Going down a flight of steps led to a long platform which had a railing running along the whole length of it to one side which revealed a large area below. To the back of the room was obviously the indoor range but next to it was completely padded with a lot of platforms and perches in a jumbled arrangement. And there was Jace appearing and disappearing in blinks of an eye from one to the other in a constant flow of motion to a pattern he had devised. It was mesmerising along with his choice of clothing. All he had on was simple leggings and nothing else. His hair a wild mess some draping over his shoulders and down his chest as well as down his back. It was wet with sweat and clung to his toned torso. I was just watching his progress with want and heat rushing to my lower region. Jace noticed us and shot a wand blade up in the air level with us disappeared and I perceived and object coming towards me when Jace appeared right next to me, leaning backwards to the training room with his head turned to me. We just stared at each other the want I was feeling was reflected in his eyes as I was breathing deeply almost panting like I was an animal in heat. And he was the same in response to that. Two people moved and inserted themselves in between us forcing us to move apart. Ander and Jessica. With Jessica on my side and Ander next to Jace.

    “Impressive young Jace, I see you have mastered your parent’s moves. I take it that the Wands are the focus for the step. Normally the step is to be used on the horizontal plane. Location designation is hard enough and impossible to do with no target like in mid air for example.” Jessica said.

    He didn’t reply but acted in a casual way but taking a wand blade and tossing it over his shoulder like it was nothing and disappeared to carry on with his exercises.

    “If he can perform at this level in the arena or even in battle he is exactly like all the other Strike Aces.” I heard Christian muttered but it sounded like it coming from a great distance.

    All I could do was watch him. He added more complicated movements to his Wind Walking adding kicks and weapon strikes at the end of the appearing each time. Right there and then I was planning to change my physical look of me more in line with Jace’s age. I also wanted to walk down there and ravish him. It was so strong that it surprised me. We stayed until he looked warn out. I had lost track at the two hundredth movement.

    “Dinner is ready, Jace you better go and get cleaned up and dressed. We don’t need you causing enough of a distraction then you already are doing. Right Aquaria?” Jessica said and turned to me and nudging me with her elbow.

    I shook my head to being me out of my delusions as the others started to walk back up. We kept eye contact for a moment or two but before I left I blew him a kiss and followed the rest.

    Jessica led us to what looked like a guest wing. And pointed to doors.

    “Aquaria your in that one, me and Ander in the middle with Christian and Kimberley in the one next that.” She said in way of explanation.


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