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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Three, Part 4

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. “To stop us sneaking into each other’s rooms?” Jace said without looking up from his book but the look on his face suggested he liked the idea of overcoming the challenge.

    “I know what it is like, we was young once too, and I remind you that Aquaria was only seventeen when she first picked up her Spear. We stay frozen I guess you can call it at the age we was when we blood bond with it. Aquaria can change her physical look with high level Water magic. Which she did to look older, though I guess she will reverse it soon enough.” Kimberley explained.

    “Damn right I will be. I don’t want rumours of me being a cradle thief.” I muttered darkly.

    “The disrespectful will say it anyway since there is an age gap. But the rules are different for the Undying then it is for the mortals. There is ninety years between myself and Kimberley. But then I was the first when the treaty was written. So that should give you an idea of my age.” Christian said carrying on with his paperwork.

    The treaty which is the foundation for how the continent is now was ratified six hundred and eighty odd years ago. Jace and I ended up just looking at each other or gazing into each others eyes, his face relaxed and carefree since Christian had said his piece.

    It wasn’t long before Christian had put papers back in his files and got up to look at all of us.

    “I think it is time we retired. We have to be at the Capital by evening, which means an early start in the morning.” Christian then said.

    We all stood as well and while the five of us headed to the guest rooms Jace headed towards his on the other side of the house. I noticed that Jace had stopped at a door and placed his hand against it. I guess that was his parents room and he was saying good bye for the last time. His head was bowed but he looked at peace. I walked to him almost in an automatically way. I turned back to the others but nodded my head to them as they watched with narrow eyed expressions. By the time I got near him it took all my will just to stop myself from closing the artificial gap between us.

    “I just wanted to say that I respected your parents, and the world is less for it now they have passed on. I worked with them before and from the little they said I got the impression that they was very proud of you.” I said to him before he turned around.

    He didn’t jump from shock at me breaking the silence even I could feel his presence as it washed over me like my favourite comforter blanket on a cold winters night. He turned to look at me and that crooked grin and the look in his eyes seemed to be playful.

    “Thank you for that. Out of curiosity how long ago was that?” He asked.

    I struggled to keep my mind from wandering and especially out of the gutter to answer him as I smiled back at him.

    “Six years ago, from the impressions that they gave of you that you was cheeky but very serious about your training. I just wanted it you to know that.” I said and used what remaining will power I had to start to turn away. I stopped my movement as there was something important to tell him.

    “Tomorrow there will be a ball celebrating our bonding with my family, my parents are still alive but they are old now, very old, I will have to warn you that they are part of a faction of Nobles that run opposition to the crown. Nothing so much as plotting a coup but to lend voice against policy that the crown dictates. And they will try to encourage you to take part in such politics as they try with me.” I said sighing now.

    “I guess the reputation of you being negative to politics is like a rebellion I take it?” He asked grinning and winking at me now.

    I could do nothing but smile widely at that.

    “Exactly, and trust me, I like what you are doing and I really enjoy the flattery and the flirting.” I said as I started to walk back to my room.

    As I was walking I had to think to myself that what I had just said was a massive understatement. As I got into my room I stripped and looked myself in the mirror. Time to make myself younger I thought. At the moment I looked to be in my mid to late twenties. I changed initially because I noticed that I wasn’t getting as much respect when dealing with people when alone. Even with other Spears people tended to focus on the older ones. It was this reaction which started my path to the reputation I have now. But now, that didn’t matter to me any more. I started crafting my mana and making minor changes. Age lines in my face smoothed out along with increasing a little of the fat under the skin and making it more uniform as it decreases as you age. Looking at it there was something things that really stuck out. I removed some of the signs of sun damage and it made a lot of difference. Minor alterations to my lips and mouth muscles was also needed with the lips I made them a tiny bit firmer and tightening the skin a little finished it.

    “I wish I had a picture of how I looked forty odd years ago.” I muttered to myself.

    I went along making slight changes as ten odd years fell from my face. I then turned my attention to my body. Firming up my backside was a minor change. Making the skin tone more uniform with that of my face. I tried a tan look so I have an olive complexion all over. I had to giggle a little as I didn’t look like I came from Spear at all. More in line from people of Dagger I thought. I went the other way and made it as white as snow. It wasn’t an abnormal skin tone. Not the milky white of someone who has never seen the sun which looked unhealthy or someone who had used too much cosmetics. It actually went really well with my silver coloured hair. I also made changes to my bust area it wasn’t big but wouldn’t have been called small either. I reduced a very slight sag to them so they was almost firm and could hold up without the support of undergarments. Trying to keep them within the fine line of being firm and soft was rather difficult. It took me about two hours of altering before I was finally happy I also decreased the toning effect on my muscles but I was going for flexibility, grace and agility more then anything. The last thing I did was alter my eyebrows making them more streamlined. Looking in the mirror again ten or so years had been dropped from my face and body and I had decided that was enough. If I carried on I wouldn’t be able to stop. You could still tell it was me. But I looked more in line age wise as what Jace did and that was the key factor of it. I could have gone so far as change my appearance completely so someone else would be staring back at me but that causes complications all on its own with the mind. I had read about Water Mages doing just that and developing either a split personality disorder or a brand new personality altogether which was near enough completely opposite to what they started out with. I kept my height as is. Bone restructuring had its own issues not to mention relearning movements along with altering nearly everything in the body to match the new frame. Plus the biggest head ache would be getting all new clothes to match it and I already had a lot of clothes at my two homes for that to be an expensive endeavour. I nodded to myself and got into the bed. This would be the last time I would sleep alone and I could not be more keener for the night to end thinking about tomorrow night as I dropped into sleep.


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