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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 1

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. Chapter Two – To Become a Spear.

    “My Lord’s and Lady’s please enter.” He said with a bow. We walked into the main hallway and I was shocked with how barren it was.

    Looking around there was no art, no furniture. It looked like it was deserted. I looked at the others they appeared to think the same.

    “There is nothing here.” Christian muttered and then turned to the man. “The Royal family will be here in twenty or so minutes.”

    “The whole house is the same way.” The Steward said. “I will go and inform Lady Jessica and Lord Ander of your arrival.” he finished as he bowed and walked up the stairs.

    “Magic seems to be imbued in the walls.” Kimberley said.

    It was maybe a minute before I saw Jessica and Ander walking down the stairs and behind them was the boy. Looking at him his eyes widened when he looked down at us and my heart stopped. The pain showing in his face was real. His stormy grey eyes showed intelligence and he wasn’t bad looking. Handsome in a rugged wild way, someone who my sisters would call a bad boy. He was tall and well built but not in a heavy way almost as if speed and agility is what he is aiming for and he really did wear his dress uniform well at his waist was two wand blades. The shock vanished from his eyes and went instantly to watchful it was almost like he was viewing us as enemies and assessing us. I could see his eyes flick to look at each of us one at a time. They reached the bottom Christian stepped forward.

    “Ah here they are.”

    “Jace this is Christian, he is the leader of us, our commander if you will. He is the eldest of us.” Jessica then said looking at Jace.

    Christian gave the boy an up and down look, evaluating his posture. Jace’s hair was long and black like most in Spear but he had left it loose and I have to admit it added to the wildness about him. I could feel myself falling for him. He was young in age but looked nothing like a child at all. His face was youthful but his bearing was that of a man.

    “Young you may be but you have power that is second to none. Welcome to our order and thank you, you gave our country a morale boost and this war with Scythe will be over, we have two of their weapons so they will no doubt accept the King’s order to surrender and stop all hostile actions. As you will have been told we tend to work in pairs. Aquaria.” Christian said to Jace and gestured to me. “Aquaria is a valued member and is the only one of us, well now there is you that have killed members of the Undying. I think that the pair of you will be able to work together nicely.” He finished.

    He turned and bowed along with giving me the soldiers salute.

    “I am honoured to meet you Lady Aquaria.” He said in a respectful tone and smiled softly at me.

    There was no judgement to the look of his eyes, appreciation maybe to my beauty. Jessica on all counts was classed as the beauty of the country along with the Queen but I was up there with them. But this didn’t seem to phase him at all.

    Glancing at the others they all nodded and had small smiles growing on their faces.

    “Chris, I think it best that we introduce ourselves? No?” Kimberley said smiling more at Christian now then Jace.

    “Yes you’re right.” He said with a nod.

    “I’m Kimberley, Lady of Light.” Kimberley said lightly in introduction. She was another who was classed as a beauty of the country.

    Carrie and Andrew then stepped forward.

    “Andrew, Lord of Mist.”

    “Carrie, Lady of the Golden Flame.”

    Steve stood forward and said.

    “Steve, Lord of Blizzards. And this is Sarah, Lady of Silence.” Sarah as was her usual style just nodded and smiled. She was of very few words but if she had to something to say it was worth listening to.

    Then my ancestors stood forward.

    “I am Hawke, Lord of the Depths.” He said in his rough and deep voice. “And I am Gina, Lady of Snow. Welcome.” She said in her ever so gentle voice.

    Jace was looking at us with wide eyes, he was awed but I guess more then a little intimated like everyone is when they meet us all at the same time.

    “Thank you, I will do my utmost to live up your standards.” He said, he had schooled his face to show nothing more then respectful blankness but there was intimidation in his eyes.

    I and the rest of my cohorts all gave him looks of respect back. But then I frowned and said.

    “Look at him, he is intimidated.”

    “Defending him already Aquaria?” Carrie then said with a little elbow dig to my ribs.

    “Of course, he will be my partner.” I said and smiled at him.

    His reaction to that made him blush bright red. The others chuckled at this. My feelings for him was getting stronger and almost protective.

    “Maybe you should make yourself presentable before standing in front of the Royal Family?” Christian then said.

    They was all looking at his hair then. Personally I loved it, it suited him and I was about to say as much when Jessica spoke giving Christian a cocky smirk.

    “About that, because of his magical nature means his hair is unruly. I dare you to touch it.”

    I have to admit I was confused about that statement. But Christian raised a hand to touch his hair. Before his hand could make contact a blue spark shot out to his hand. Christian cursed and waved his hand back and forth as he brought it back away from Jace. We all laughed at it.

    “I see, he is truly the embodiment of a storm.” He then said with a raised eyebrow.

    “Sorry, my control is poor, I am not used to having this much magic yet.” Jace said, muttering and looking down. Almost in pain himself.

    Myself and the rest of the lady Spears looked at him in compassion. I realised and probably so did they what he had went through last night and that the death of his parents must still weigh heavy on his heart.

    “It will come, you snapped in what I have heard was a very trying circumstance, we all have had to adjust to it, and I know you will also.” Christian then said but kindly.

    Jace just nodded weakly to that and took a breath before looking up again. There was no tears, but I knew he was holding them back I could just see that he was bottling up painful emotions inside of him. I will help him greave. I promised to myself. It was then that a small throat clearing broke me out of my thoughts and cut through the silence.

    “My Lords and Lady’s, the King and Queen have arrived and are in the Keeps main hall.” The Grand Chamberlin said as he walked through the door behind us.

    We all turned to look at him.

    “Thank you Grand Chamberlain, we will be making our way to the keep now. Jace you will walk in the middle of us as we march in guard formation. Aquaria, you will escort.” Christian then said giving orders.

    We all turned to Christian and saluted him along with nodding. Even Jace did matching his actions with our own. I stood to Jace’s left so we was nearly shoulder to shoulder as the others lined up either side of us and we marched out of the house and down the main street. The people of the town had lined the way all cheering and waving. Happiness and joy on their faces.

    “Nervous?” I muttered to Jace.

    “Very.” He replied. But it didn’t show on his face or body language.

    He had been schooled in how to act by someone. I could see the training kick in. it was almost like he himself was a noble and knew how to act. This intrigued me, and I was craving to know more about him. I wanted to know everything about him. How to make him smile, what he liked. I had to mentally shake myself out of this line of thought. I had information that I needed to relay to him.

    “When we stand before the king, you are to salute and then kneel, you are not yet a Spear and only us Spear’s are excused from kneeling. When we stand still you are to take one more step forward.” I muttered quickly to him.

    He nodded very slightly but there was a slight narrowing of the eyes. Yes he had been trained to school his face but still some things slipped as was only natural. When we marched to the keep the crowd turned to soldiers. All of them in parade uniform. Some even sporting serious injuries. But I couldn’t deny them their pride. I bet as soon as they finished with the ceremony that they will seek healing and rest. If not I would say something and heal them myself. As we marched into the main hall of the keep I say with little surprise that it was filled with all the regional nobles. Those who supposedly lived far enough away that they couldn’t have offered aid during the attack. Stood in-between a Royal Mage Guard was a boy or girl in a Cadet Uniform. These I remembered was the Mage Cadets from Jace’s class. Up on the dais stood the King and Queen along with the Crown Prince and the Twin Princesses. Caskets lined the room also but two of them was placed either side of the dais. These I would imagine would be Jace’s parents. We came to a stop together and without any signal Jace took a step forward and saluted at the same time we did. It was almost like he was already one of us and had been for years. It felt right some how and we had only just met him. He then knelt as was custom.


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