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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 5

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. “Also since I am in the age group I will be mixed in the student population, there are two possibilities but one of them will be seriously unlikely for several reasons. The first as extra protection so there is one or more of us in the classroom, The Princesses are Water and Wind mages which will mean that Aquaria and Jessica will be the instructors. Jessica is the Spear’s main long range eyes and ears judging from the from her title,, Aquaria is a healer and close range but I am guessing she is more all rounder. Ander as a Fire Element long range and bombardment and then myself with close combat and independent action. The second possibility is very unlikely which is the same arrangement but with myself under cloak, but seeing as there will be members of the student population that will know exactly what I have become along with children of nobles that will know the twelfth has been selected which will mean the cover doesn’t have a long shelf life. That and the fact I will have to keep the Spear with me and it will be difficult to explain why I have a spear along with two wand blades.” He then said.

    “And how long did it take you to think that Jace?” Christian asked him.

    “From the time that his Majesty said excellent close range fighter and healer.” He answered.

    He nodded at that and so did the others. That he reasoned that out and quickly proved to me two things, the first that he was really intelligent and the other is of how strategically he thinks. Christian then turned to look at the King.

    “Do you play Runes?” The King asked him in a way that didn’t fool me at all.

    “I have been known to enjoy a game or two against my Father.” Jace admitted and in a way that I knew Jace wasn’t fooled by the Kings question either.

    “Did you ever win?”

    “Sometimes.” He said with a grin.

    I knew where this was going, the King was a great lover of board games involving strategy at one point or another we as in all the Spears had played runes against the King at one point or another. I had never been able to win a game against him but I wasn’t all that interested in playing runes to begin with. The King grumbled at that and the rest made throat clearing sounds and light coughs probably to hide chuckles. I also knew that Jason Thunderwind loved those types of games also and he had won every game against the King. That Jace could win sometimes against his father proved to me one thing, he would beat the King and would then receive a constant stream of requests from the Palace to play the stupid game.

    “You are right, I was hoping for the hiding in the among the Students but you are right, you won’t stay hidden for long.” The King then said.

    “So shall we wrap this up and carry on with the agenda of the meeting Your Majesty?” Christian then asked.

    “Yes, Lady Jessica you may drop the shroud and communicate with the Grand Chamberlain that he and the Privy Council can join us again.”

    Jessica released the Shroud and closed her eyes for a couple of seconds. The doors then opened and the Nobles walked in.

    “Your Majesty, the delegation from Scythe is near the border, the emissary is waiting outside the keep and will escort us to their General King.” One of them said.

    “Jace? Jessica?” The King said in ways of a question.

    Jace and Jessica made Seeing Lenses at the same time. The way Jace did it was with just a flick of the finger.

    “Jace keep eyes on the Scythe I will do an area search.” Jessica then said.

    “I already got the delegation.” He said as he brought up more lenses.

    I was shocked, Jessica was the best at this type of magic. That Jace, a Combat Mage and not a full Wind one at that could beat Jessica at her own speciality. It was precisely why she was titled the Lady of Seeing.

    “The kid is faster than our all seeing eye it seems, how?” Ander asked shocked and amused at the same time.

    “I don’t know, there are seven shrouds I only got through three of them.” Jessica then said not sounding amused.

    I was now struggling to hide my own amusement now.

    “A shroud isn’t perfect, there is a strength issue, and six of them are weak compared to the seventh, very weak. If I was a King I wouldn’t trust my security with a weak shroud. Plus once I was through as you can see there are four men in heavy combat robes with crystalline Scythes along with a couple of others. There is one in the group that looks to be in command of the rest, our guest outside the keep is the fifth.” He explained almost like he was an instructor of a class he was teaching.

    “Damn, just how in the earth did he do that.” Hawke then said.

    By the way Hawke said it I knew he was very impressed.

    Jessica sighed.

    “I may be a Spear but there was always one who could track someone faster than me. She was always faster than me.”

    I had to frown, I didn’t know any female Wind Mages that could do what Jessica was famed for that quickly. Jace however was grinning ear to ear. He knew exactly who Jessica was talking about.

    “Jace you know who it is?” I asked him in a soft whisper.

    “My mother.” He said in a stage whisper so that everyone in the room could hear his answer.

    “That explains it then.” Ander said with a chuckle.

    “To be fair if it wasn’t for the boost to my magic then I couldn’t have done it as fast.” He conceded and acted humble or so I judged.

    “You mean to say you could have done it before snapping the second, third and fourth time?” Jessica asked him.

    I was enjoying this, Jessica is usually the most neutral of us, to see her fire up like this was an interesting side to her that I had never seen before. Some of the others was also showing signs of amusement as this was new to them. The older ones of us had looks of sympathy on their faces.

    “Yes, just not to the speed that my Mother could, but then I was still in training.” He answered her like it was obvious.

    “Shall we get this over with?” The Queen then said looking annoyed.

    “Yes, we must deal with this as quickly as possible. Things will be mounting up at the capital.” The King then said.

    The King and his family stepped down from the dais and we formed up behind them as we moved out from the hall. The crowd had gone but there was soldiers and Combat mages encircling the lone figure in the hooded robe. The soldiers backed off as we approached and the man removed his hood.

    A man I knew and hated stood before us. The scars on his face were ones I gave him myself. His hair always done in spikes, each white spike about two inches long and looking greasy. He had used something to keep them upright like that.

    “King Morio, my King would like to meet with you regarding the treaties.” He said in a slow measured tone almost like he was bored.

    “I already know, Lead us to him.” Morio then said.

    The Scythe bowed and turned. Christian walked to him. Christian was like that with all Undying. Be they enemies or allies he would always strike up conversations with them. Well I guess it was because out of all the Undying Christian was counted as one of three that was older then all the rest. The other two having their weapons at the same time with Christian half a year later. Because of Christians magic he was more a support role mage which explained why he didn’t have an Undying kill.

    “Good to see you again Claudius.” He said lightly. Nodding his head to the Scythe.

    “Christian.” he replied mirroring the little head bob.

    I tried not to say anything. But it was really hard. They started to walk in front of us. We followed them.

    “I see that the Spear’s is now complete. His majesty will not want to see the silver haired water bitch.” He then said, loud enough for all of us to hear.

    My anger swelled and with it my magic. Never had my magic reacted like this. It was like a rip tide had just crashed through me. I paid no attention to the others as I tried to get a grip on my magic. Jace’s magic was mingling in also, and he didn’t have the knowledge or even seemed to be aware of the fact that he was adding to my power.

    “So who is the brat?” The Scythe carried on.

    “The one who defeated Lucius and Drake along with the majority of your countries attack force.” Christian replied again in a light tone.

    “He looks familiar, also feels familiar, do I know who his parents are?” He asked while looking back at Jace. Evaluating him.

    I was now really struggling with my magic, Claudius calling my Jace a brat was uncalled for… wait, my Jace where the hell did that thought come from.

    “I would say you knew of them.” Christian said with a nod. “You could say that Drake knew them better than any of your order.”

    “The son of those two annoying twats.” The Scythe then said.

    This time Jace’s anger got the better of him, the clouds suddenly darkened and a crack of thunder sounded above us. Lightning arcing along the length of his Spear. I looked at him in shock, with just his anger he could alter the weather and everyone else was looking at him with worry.

    “I would be careful of the language. You know of Aquaria’s temperament as you felt her wrath before, Jace is much the same and he is very new to being Undying, he went through three snaps in less than twenty four hours.” Christian said gently.

    I reached out to place my hand on his shoulder to try and help him control his magic but remembered that I couldn’t touch him. I looked to Ander, I felt hurt that I couldn’t do it. Ander didn’t smile or tease but nodded slightly and did what I was not allowed to do and placed his hand on Jace’s shoulder. As Jace came back to himself I tried to school my face to show Jace about keeping his temper in check.

    “Two snaps in quick succession? Ah, Drake killed his parents in front of him I bet.” Claudius summarized.

    Jace had closed his eyes tightly and the clouds broke up as quickly they turned stormy but I could see it was a struggle for him.

    “The Kid is learning control fast, but if his fuse is that short you really think it a good idea to partner him with that cow?” Claudius said in a
    derisive tone.


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