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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 6

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. I completely lost it at that moment and my magic escaped my poorly constructed control. Jace tried to place his hand on my should in a mirror of the gesture I tried to do with him but Jessica stopped the move with the shaft of her spear and shook her head slightly at him in warning.

    Seething I spoke.

    “Claudius, I will say this one time and one time only. One more derogatory word aimed at either me or Jace and I will call you out and your country will be down to four.” Then through gritted teeth and at one word at a time I carried on. “And you won’t just be left with scars on your face.” every word I let the pressure of my magic increase bit by bit to prove my point.

    The problem with using my magical presence like that was Jace’s magic was responding to it making it more and more powerful. One of the Princesses was holding her hands to her temples, the Royal Family, the Spears and the Scythe all stopped to look at us. The look on the Scythe’s faced paled, there was no longer any sign of joking or baiting in his face.

    “King Morio, it seems that you have some very powerful tools at your command.” Said a voice coming towards us.

    The man that spoke was dressed like the Scythe’s was, hooded combat robes. Four men flanked him each and every one with their Scythes out.

    “King Judas.” Morio then spoke.

    “Is this a break in the truce?” The Scythe King then asked.

    “No, but I would suggest that you don’t do any more baiting as you are wont to do.” Morio then said with a sigh.

    “Considering the circumstances, I will concede your point. But you know what they say about relying on power that is untamed.” He said with a nod.

    “Yes, but it is not untamed is it Lady of the Lake, Lord of Storms?” Morio then said turning to the pair of us.

    I blinked then and suddenly had full control of my magic and bottled it again as quickly as it poured out.

    “Of course it is not untamed Your Majesty’s” I said in an annoyed clipped tone.

    “Lord of Storms?” The Scythe King asked quietly.

    Claudius walked back to his King’s side and whispered something. The Scythe King then nodded and then turned to Jace and gave him an appraising look before turning back to King Morio.

    “So for the second time in my life I have come to collect that which belongs to my country. I assume that it will be the same as last time, the Scythes bound can’t be used for ten years?” He then said in a way he wanted this over with.

    “Twenty Years, this is the second time that you have invaded my land.” Morio said in way that brooked no argument

    The Scythe King sighed.

    “Very well, but be warned Morio, King of Spear, I will get revenge for what that bitch did to my kin. And as for the attack it cost much but achieved the intended goal.”

    King Morio then nodded and waved his hand and the Scythes floating behind us crossed the gap between us and was collected by the two in front of their King.

    “I see you don’t trust me to keep to my word and bound them yourself.” King Judas then said.

    “That’s not against the Treaty, and to be honest you would do the same.” Morio then said.

    “True, true enough. Bitch of the Lake, there will be a reckoning.” He said before turning and walking away, the other Scythes nodded to us before turning and following him.

    We watched them walk off for a while before the Royal Family turned to look at us, Jace and myself specifically.

    “Aquaria, you need to control that temper of yours. Jace as do you.” Queen Akane then said. Scowling at the pair of us.

    “I don’t think it was Jace’s fault, his magic was only responding to hers, she was driving it and he was dragged along for the ride.” Hawke then said.

    “Regardless of whose fault it was we need to get then bonded and centred. Though with what I felt they could put down an attack force just by standing there and letting the magic build up.” Christian then said.

    “What was with the thunder earlier?” The Queen asked Jace.

    “That was my fault and the only defence I am going to give is that I am still in the middle of mourning.” He said weakly.

    They way he said it and the look of hurt that quickly flew across his face made me want to hold him and protect him from the world. Just what was going on with my thoughts? This must be the work of the Spears.

    “Let’s get back to the town, Hawke, Gina, Andrew and Carrie you will stay with the Royal family, Sarah and Steve head back to the Capital and prepare the room. The rest of us will stay the night at Kaze and journey north tomorrow. Have to make sure that our resident troublemakers don’t do anything.” Christian then said looking at Jace and myself.

    “I’m not a child you know.” I said, pouting and being a child.

    “Really? You could have fooled us.” Steve then said.

    This one comment got us all laughing. The Royal Family left Kaze with the Spear’s that Christian mentioned. Steve and Sarah went off ahead of them


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