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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 7

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. “Go to your house?” Christian asked Jace.

    “You just want to look at my Library, sir.” He replied with a crooked grin that fit his manner and character perfectly I decided.

    He hung his head at that and the rest of them laughed. Kimberley kissed him on the cheek.

    “Not even been a day and he sees through me already.” Christian sighed.

    “Highly trained, intelligent, a quick study of people, observant, handsome in that rugged kind of way and complimentary magic. I’m not getting a very bad deal here and the best thing he is young.” I then muttered aloud instead of keeping the thoughts to myself.

    Jace blushed at that and looked adorable.

    “I think someone is falling for our new member.” Kimberley said with a giggle.

    And she wasn’t half wrong there. There was just something about him or maybe because of the magic. We walked back to Jace’s house at an easy pace. Throughout the journey the pair of use kept stealing glances at each other. When our eyes met we would quickly turn to look a head quickly. It was almost like I was a teenager again with my first crush. Well I will always be a teenager, I picked the Spear up at seventeen and my body and mind stayed frozen at that state. I could change my bodies age with Water Element magic to look older which I did to give me my mid twenties appearance, but I still had the mind of a seventeen year old but with an adults level of wisdom if I choose to use it. Every time we kept stealing glances at each other then rest would chuckle and make some gibes, especially Ander. But I ignored it as did Jace. When we got to his house and walked in the smell of food made my stomach grumble as it did with Jace’s and Ander and Jessica’s.

    “Think we should get the kids some food honey.” Kimberley said to Christian sweetly.

    She sometimes spoke like this, like she was the mother of us all.

    “Maybe a little later, I really want to get out of the dress uniform.” Jace said with a look of disgust. “Jessica, Ander, you know your way around why don’t you show Christian and Kimberley the library while I give Aquaria a tour?” He then added but was looking at me.

    “That is not really a good idea.” Jessica said but sighed. “Aquaria, no touching!” She finished in warning.

    I couldn’t do anything but roll my eyes at that.

    “I am not completely new to this you know.” I replied to her comment with as much sarcasm as I could put into it.

    “No, you may not be, but let me remind you that you’re new to the bond that is obviously forming between the pair of you.” Kimberley then said in a stern motherly tone.

    “Come on Jace, let’s go before they make any more jokes at our expense.” I said as he turned and walked through a door and I followed.

    He really has a nice backside I decided enjoying the view of him behind. He led me into a drawing room and I shut the door.

    “You know there is no need for a tour.” I said to him as it closed.

    “Oh I know, but this is the first time that we have been alone and had time to talk.” He answered and gave me that crooked grin that I have come to love.

    “Clever, you know that they won’t let us be alone for long, not until we get to the Capital.” I explained to him.

    “What is the bonding ritual? He asked.

    The question threw me for a moment so to gather my thought I asked him.

    “You know that each Spear is bonded to another right?”

    He nodded at that. Of course he knew, Christian explained it to the whole royal family.

    “Well the bonding ritual cements that in place, at the moment if sort of works for us, but it’s unstable and thus unreliable. It will mean that we can draw upon, meld and work spells more efficiently when together. The fact we have complimentary magic is a bonus to that.” I explained. “Not only that but the bonding ritual counts as our marriage, magically I mean.”

    I could feel the heat coming from my cheeks and also see the blood flow in my mind rushing to my cheeks.

    “Yeah about that… He said and I feared for the worse for that brief second before he continued. “You’re beautiful, more so then Jessica, the Queen and the Princess combined. Not to mention you are powerful and interesting, but I am just me.” He finished.

    That was it, he will be mine and mine only I will kill any woman that tries to seduce him. I opened my mouth to say something incoherent probably. But he held a finger to his lips and I looked at him puzzled. He drew on some mana and I could feel him craft quite a powerful spell. And quickly also he released it at the nearest corner of the room to us and then brought his arm back toward his body. With his other arm he brought both hands together and widened them. A Seeing lens appeared in front of us and the faces of Kimberley, Ander, Christian in library was looking at us like they had been watching a play in a theatre trying hard not to let out laughter. The final person in the room looked shocked above all else.

    “And the meaning of spying on is?” Jace asked them in a light and amused manner.

    I now fully understood what had happened. Jace had noticed the focus and did some magic to take control of it and alter it. But the culprit who did the spell in the first place was Jessica. My anger was boiling now. That was it!

    “Jessica, meet me outside in the garden...” I seethed at her and walked out of the room.

    “Busted.” I heard Ander say before the door swung shut. Jace quickly followed me. It was maybe half a minute before the four of them was making it down the stairs.

    “You will want to go through the kitchen and out the door there to get into the garden.” Jace said in a helpful tone and grinning.


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