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Portfolio Entries from Alora pendrak

  1. Dragon Dearest

    a Faerie Knight wants to exscape the reality of his existance and starts an affair with a Dragon but the parts of his life he tries to ignore are still lurking in the background.
  2. Cold Heart: Page 4 of part one

    “Back up, I can't concentrate with you crowding me unless you want him to die.” The creatures hopped back at least five feet. He pretended to check Spring while he saw Spring’s fingers twitch against his own boot. Reaper reached into it and his hand closed around a dagger hidden in a silk stocking. “Why Unseelie taking so long?” Reaper moved, slicing the creature's throat with one violent movement of his hand. The second hissed, talons out, and slashed Reaper’s arm making him drop the...
  3. Cold Heart: Page 3 of part one

    The next day a bucket appeared also a plate with bread and water. Spring refused to touch the bread after finding a bit of mold on it. Summer split his own loaf in half. “Here,” he offered. “I shouldn’t take your food.” Spring looked ashamed of himself. “We need to find how the food came in,” Reaper suggested, all day they spent searching the room but to no avail. “It’s bad manners not even explaining anything to your captives,” Spring huffed. “It’s cowardly, they should fight us one on...
  4. Cold Heart: Page 2 of part one

    Summer looked disgusted. “Could a survivor regain the Unseelie Throne?” he asked. “No, Queen Mab established the succession based on trial by combat,” Reaper responded. “Are you King Dagda?” Summer asked him. Reaper laughed loudly. Spring looked in his direction a startled expression on his face. Summer looked downright disbelieving. “I’m flattered you think I'm that regal,” Reaper smirked. “You’re all common to me,” Summer sniffed. Reaper bristled, that smug brat dismissing Dagda...
  5. Cold Heart: Page 1 of part one

    Reaper followed suit, he was used to the cold but that didn’t mean he wanted to freeze to death. Trying not to stare at the patch of grass and the two flowers that had leaked from Spring’s feet when he had gotten agitated. Then they heard a groan, another boy dressed in nothing but a grass loincloth. his skin burned dark as if he existed sorely in the sun’s warm rays climbed off the white sofa the only thing not covered in ice. He was beaten up pretty badly spouting a black eye and bruising...
  6. Cold Heart: Page 1 of part one

    An Unseelie court Faerie finds himself trapped in a room by an individual with a serious grudge.
  7. Dragons Breath and Fairy Dust

    Short stories set in the world of my book "Descendants of Magic", the tale of how the veil between the human world and Faerie land split and the chaos that followed, when Faerie became a part of Washington DC. It mostly explores a pre veil split Faerie land and the wonderful and terrible things that have happened there over the centuries. I may also post character designs or cover ideas if i'm able.