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Portfolio Entries from Black Dragon

  1. Portfolios are Back to Stay

    Dear friends, I am happy to report that Portfolios are open again for posting. We found a (rather elaborate) workaround to import the Portfolios into our new forum software. We ran a complete test of the import, and it was successful. When we do transition to the new software, the Portfolios feature will be far more robust than it currently is. We found a new platform for the Portfolios that will make them more visible and functional. We hope to make the transition to the new...
  2. Fourth Writers' Platform-Building Campaign

    Mythic Scribes will be participating in the Fourth Writers' Platform-Building Campaign this year. This is a campaign to build relationships between diverse writing sites across the internet. This will be an opportunity to introduce new people to Mythic Scribes, and for us to build connections across the broader writing community. You can read more about this here: Writers' Platform-Building Campaign