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Portfolio Entries from FatCat

  1. Gone

    I wished something more Than I could be now, And a body laid to rest Seemed too far away. With lost whispers gone And a life unsung Without deed and Property acknowledged. Farewell, then, steadfast Calm realizes an impasse Of who and how and when A greater goal was left.
  2. ----

    Seek pleasure in the shadow of pain, when the world cannot be seen through that rose-colored glass: when matters of the heart and mind deceive and morality, betwixt in selfishness, promises nothing
  3. ---

    The world waits Until I'm awake, But must hold time In between the space, Of what is known And what is perceived. How much longer Until there is no Middle ground.
  4. --

    I walked home today, Neither alone Or near in that grey Dreary mist, that Solidified an Unknown delay. Of which no reason Should I walk more, Displayed in season, So frivolous By nature's demand. And the cold settled Deep in the bone, And my heart nettled, A desire Lost in that cruel wind, Whispering 'alone'.
  5. -

    Tomorrow waits for me, Not begging nor pleading Upon its arrival Of my conscious mind And yet it further Calls, steadfast, resolute, Omnipotent in this New day that is my own; But the tide of the past Leaves old worries upon What could have been, what is.
  6. Untitled

    Never more, Again in despair, To which one flies; Against all, A reason found To relight the way
  7. Regret

    I left you stranded on a cold night, somewhere between the first touch of Autumn’s grace and the heaps of leaves spotting well-mended lawns. It is not the first infraction of mine upon the whisper “I love you,” Because it is easier to bark than to bite to the bone. And now you’re alone when you needed me most, and I, in lapsed pursuit, Whisper again, “I love you”.
  8. Micro-story

    I’m not much of a romantic, but the sunrise in Ohio, on the best of terms, is enough to move me. Usually that movement is restricted to the day’s first cigerette, habit trumps all. Now, I’m not delusional enough to believe Ohio is some great state, where the view can be stamped on a postcard and marketed to newlyweds on the cusp of the greatest. Though Ohio does have the supernatural ability to be mundane, the quiet guy in the back of the class who wears solid color tee-shirts but might be...
  9. Admittance

    Antiseptic hallways gleam, replacing my well-thought dream; where did it go, what do I really know? I held so tightly to what I thought was real but now, what is left to feel? The loneliness of a twin bed, metal wire over a window that once held where I could go? Is this a joke? I’m not laughing anymore.
  10. Untitled

    I'm not much of a poetry guy, but I saw a thread on /lit/ and decided to give it a try. Got some nice feedback, so I'll put it here as well. Over the backyard fence, where wonder waited to turn trees to warriors. But as I grew taller the fence seemed smaller, and no longer could wonder suffice.