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Portfolio Entries from SeverinR

  1. My penname

    I posted when I first started on MS where and how my name was made, but for those that missed it. Name origin: Severin-shortened from Severinus pope in 640 AD Rheiner-shortened from my SCA name of Rhienfelser, one that serves the Rheinfel's castle. Rheiner=one from the Rheinlands of Germany. also known as Rheinlanders. (Spelling is correct for german, Rhineland would be english translation) My name was created for my SCA persona. World traveler born at Rheinfel's castle, archer and...
  2. I post art on another site

    [URL="http://severinr.deviantart.com/"]SeverinR User Profile | DeviantArt[/URL] Photography, prose, pictures of my art, My art: Chain Maille jewelry, dragon sculpture, mini heraldic shields, this is the sight I posted my first writings, and the sight I go to looking for inspirations for short stories, or possible scenes to a book, or pictures to inspire descriptions of a home, field, forest etc. I think there is even a picture of me(possibly in garb), just warning you. :0