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Portfolio Entries from Stuart John Evison

  1. Muddle Puddle and the Whistling Shell

    [URL="http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/muddle-puddle-whistling-shell/id556877687?Is=1"]‎Muddle Puddle & the Whistling Shell[/URL]
  2. Muddle Puddle and the Whistling Shell

    [URL="http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/muddle-puddle-whistling-shell/id556877687?Is=1"]‎Muddle Puddle & the Whistling Shell[/URL]
  3. The Whales Song.

    There is a creature of the ocean That passes time in contemplation Of the spinning of the world And all the things about it hurled. Among these whales the conversations Are never ending communications, In song, a deep philosophy Makes an unfathomable symphony. Mankind heeds not and scorns the tune, So ignorant he applauds with cruel harpoon. I wonder if their unknown chorus Has a melody that forgives us, Who did nothing to stop man's sin...
  4. Wooden Ships. A little rhyme to go with my avatar.

    Wooden Ships Where did all the wooden ships go Before the world was round, Those that sailed too near the edge Before the world was round. What happened to all those sailors Not seen or ever found, I do not think that all of them were drowned. Perhaps some walked in Eldorado Or talked with Prestor John, Maybe they sailed to Timbuktu And in unknown seas sail still.
  5. All my work is self illustrated so this little ditty is so there's not a O here.

    The Steam Gobbling Goblin. The steam gobbling goblin as his name implies Has a rare addiction for it is steam that he imbibes. If you ever visit and are asked, "Would you like tea?" You will have to be quite patient, For as it is plain to see, He never fills his teapot. For at the kettle spout His condensation snout With an effervescent air Will drain the kettle bare. He is innocently modern For a...