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Portfolio Entries from writeshiek33

  1. Cub : Tragedy

    part 1 of a werwolf story
  2. Moonnappedch1 pt 2

    2nd part of ch1 rough draft
  3. Moon napped Ch1 rough draft pt 1

    my wip moon napped urban fantasy
  4. the hit

    The Hit “P-p-p-please”, cried the kneeling, thin man. The Butcher pulled out his small automatic and shot the victim square between the eyes. He wiped the splatter of blood off his face, then poured acid on the dead body to get rid of it. As the body sizzled out of existence, his mobile phone rang. “Yes?” he answered calmly. He smiled slightly as the voice on the other end told him that the Mr. Rossini required his presence for an important job. Henry loved the hits that Mr. Rossini...