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Portfolio Entries from YoShoKenDai The Dragon

  1. Chapter 3: The Presence

    The tears that streamed his face stopped me in my tracks. I let go of his throat and he fell to the floor in a heap. I felt the presence leave me once again but I had finally come to my senses. I stared down at the him, the Chief who sobbed quietly to himself. I wasn't sure what to do to comfort him since I had just tried to kill him twice, so I figured anything I said right now probably wouldn't sound genuine to him. So I sat there and waited. After a while he stopped with a final sniffle....
  2. Chapter 2: Eroh Vlani

    this is currently unfished but leave any comments to improve it thank you
  3. Chapter 1: Flash Flared

    I was awakened by a terrible trembling that immediately shook from my bed, I gasped only to discover air like lava going in and fire coming out. I choked an hit the ground as the trembling earth embraced me once again. The force of the quaking was unlike anything before. I went in and out as my consciousness was stolen from me many times. I came back again to the sight of red as I could feel my blood being violently jerked out of my body. I tried to fight the against the tremors but my body...
  4. The Genesis War

    The Overworld Lore.