1. Portfolio Description

    Welcome to Skylore!
    A gorgeous land of giant birds of prey and the elves who tame and ride them often called Skylorians. Ever since the King of Egalia(Eagle clan)(King Fearoak)'s army attacked the kingdom of Ranavia(Raven clan) and murdered all the Ranavians except a few one of whom went on to form the Raven's Soul, a group of powerful warriors devoted to ending the threat King Fearoak posed toward the balance and peace of the seven kingdom's of Skylore. And these are a few of their adventures.


    Kingdom name-Bird-Ability-Description

    Egalians-Eagle-Strength- The eagles or Egalians are a clan of warriors. They are a strong and heart folk who tower over other Skylorians at 7+ feet tall. Unfortunately, the Egalian king is a tyrant who has as of late grown paranoid forcing his countrymen to swear fealty and demanding all men of age 18 join his army(though some avoid this) or pay a steep tax. Egalia is divided between rebels and loyalists about 50-50 but being the most dominant and large clan they are at least 5x the numbers of any other clan as there are around 1 million Egalians. They are also the most culturally diverse as they recently have unintentionally fused with parts of the weaker hawk clan which they are constantly warring with. The genders are FAR from equal in Egalia and fight among each other almost as much as the loyalists and the rebels. Rebels hold women to be beautiful and gifted naturally toward emotions and sympathy while they hold men as naturally gifted toward strength and fighting. Among Loyalists though, women are viewed as weak and inferior in EVERY SINGLE way to men causing a bit of oppression and causing women to join the rebels. To have a mate who isn't Egalian is highly illegal and to have hybrid children or to be one yourself is even more illegal and can be immediately punished by death or torture followed by death.

    Hurracanians-Hawk-Agility- The hawk clan is known as a clan of thieves and merchants who trade with all the kingdom buying, selling, and stealing the best goods in all Skylore. The Hawk clan has a government system of politicians though is secretly is also let by the king/queen of thieves. The two gender seem to be unequal as they respond shockingly passive to each other a male hawkborn meeting a female hawkborn is like a cat meeting a dog, both fuction well as thieves and merchants though. Because they have little to no defense and are an open gate kingdom it is common for hybrids to be found here though the Egalains who guard 80% of the towns will kill any hybrids they see.

    Ovalians-Owls-Knowledge- Known as scholars and monks the Ovalian people are revered across all the seven clans for their knowledge and wisdom. Though little is known about them. They are known for abnormally white hair, blue eyes, grey eyes, or purple eyes. Hybrids aren't excepted in Ovalia but they do not banish or harm those that exist. Foreigners aren't permitted in Ovalia. A large number of Kronian and Ovalia hybrids(a combo known to be deadly) existed on the outskirts of the capital. The genders in Ovalia are almost equal except women cannot be leaders and if they are they are viewed a deceptive and unworthy of trust and men cannot be healers as it is said they lack the needed sympathy and skill to heal someone. But is a secret deception the elders of Ovalia pulled back the magical forest that guards the outer cities and allowed them to be attacked by Egalia.

    Ranavians-Raven-Speed- Said to be descended from moon elves mixing with ancient sky elves, the fabled and now extinct Ranavians once lived in a gorgeous desert of seemingly constant night, black and silver creatures, and silver glowing sand, however, following their slaughter the sands turned crimson and when touched would give off a blood-like liquid while the once always silver moon became a blood moon and all that was once light and beauty became bloody and dark leading to the rumor the desert is cursed as such it was renamed the Bleeding Desert. The only known surviving Ranavian is Zola Knight, captain of the Raven's Soul. The Ranavians are known for being a tiny height of only 4"8-5"5. The two genders in Ranavia were not held as equal and it was very hard for women to become warriors or leaders, despite this Zola was both since she was of noble birth. Ranavia's stance on their acceptance of foreigners and hybrids is unknown but it is said they outlawed hybrids and would kill foreigners.

    Valorians-Falcon-Accuracy- The Valorian people are a generous and kind people constantly wearing blue and adorning their houses with silver, lapis lazuli, and sapphires. They are known for their great wealth as a nation, their alliance with the strange deadly assassins of the northeastern mountains called the Kronians and their extreme skill with a bow. Valorians are known for being very caring and aware of each other's emotions and expressive of their own emotions, it isn't uncommon for men to cry if they are hurt or sad as they are not taught they have to be tougher than women. Valorian royals are said to have navy blue hair, while Valorians are said to have weak bones that break easily. Men and women are equals in Valoria women can be trained as healers or archers and men can be trained as rangers or braves (archers) though women can learn to use a sword and become rangers they tend not to and men tend not to be healers but in both cases the women who are rangers and the men who are healers tend to excel due to determination. Valorians are very kind and accept all hybrids as long as they have Kronian or Valorian blood. Valorians kill foreigners though so as to prevent spies.

    Kronians-Kite-Invisibility- Feared and Respected throughout the seven clans the Kronians are known as the Kronian Assassins or the Assassins of the Black Dagger Mountains (called ryoshi by Kronians which means land and sea hunters). Kronians are trained from age 7-14 to be super soldier killers with little remorse toward their prey, though they are not broken of their respect for the life of others. It is said that murder is legal in Krona and this is true as a result, however, there is a mutual respect among Kronians and a strong sense of community. The other Skylorian people do not understand the Kronians and vice versa. They are known as all being rogueish blondes with green or blue eyes and having a generally angelic appearance and sharp predatory features, especially sharp fangs. In Krona, as stated by Zola's mate Kluke, men and women are equal however men tend to be very protective of women in combat situations because female kronians are often times trained more for tactical skill and one hit kills than brawls like male are, they also believe it is polite to protect women and kids even though either may surpass them as shown when Kluke protects his mom and Zola even though they are both much stronger than him. They are believed to kill all hybrids and foreigners. However, This is later revealed by a member of the kite clan to be like many rumors about Kronians only a half-truth and it is revealed that they don't kill hybrid but rather accept them fully as long as they have Valorian blood, kronian blood, or were raised in Krona.