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Short Horror Stories

Ranah was visiting her uncle Brandur for the weekend in his cottage in the woods while her parents went to talk to the traders. It was already dark when the thunderstorm started. Rain lashed at the windows and the thunder boomed across the sky after bright forks of lightning and so it was a dark...
The lock clicked and the door eased open, a cloaked and hooded figure slipped through into the King's chamber. It was filled with riches and fine things of which the king was fond. The humid and stuffy air of the room made several unpleasant scents even more noticeable. The heavy reek of ale was...
Hir i-Chorvath
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Short Stories
The Flood It was early dawn when a crack of thunder rent the air and rain poured from the sky. It rained for hours and then days and then weeks. It rained so hard and so long that the rivers and lakes flooded from their banks and into the nearby cities. Including the streets of an long...

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