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The Archon Saga

  1. Portfolio Description

    A journal has been discovered which catalogues the findings of enigmatic beings known as archons. Spiritual entities with the power to shape the world. This journal serves as a reference for those who wish to learn of these beings and to authors who wish to share their experiences with the archons.


    We are not alone.

    There are forces beyond the vastness of space, in the realm between life and death. They are the archons, but they have been known by other names: angels, demons, ghosts, gods.

    They have always been there, sometimes watching, sometimes judging, sometimes touching and manipulating us from afar. Always at war. But some of them are not content to remain in their own realm. Sometimes they invade our living world, arriving in the usual way. Disguised. Among us. As one of us from the day they are born.

    The Fallen.

    Perhaps you have met one and never knew it. You could have passed one on the street and were not aware you witnessed a heavenly being. Or perhaps you were. Perhaps it changed your life so profoundly you cannot go back to mundane existence. Then you are like me and will never return to a life of ignorance, hiding from the truth.

    Some of you may be scholars seeking to understand these forces of the universe. Some of you may be innocent casualties in their war, hoping to learn why you were “chosen.” And some of you may be warriors fighting for your own destiny among a kind who conquers fate itself.

    I don’t know why they seek dominion over us, but this is a tale as old as time. Virtue against Sin in cosmic struggle for Eternity. And we are pawns they corrupt to their ways and strengthen their orders.

    Many fallen archons wish to see us destroy ourselves, ready to reap our tainted souls. Many simply exploit us for their own petty desires. Some sit themselves in seats of authority or work behind the scenes, using their divine mana to shift our cultures to their favor. Bringing us closer to their design. They are true the movers and shakers of the world. A few rise above Earthly stations and have become known as mythological gods of legend, claiming our souls through worship.

    Do not despair. Not all archons seek our demise. Some can be called allies who shine with benevolent light which grants us strength. And we are not defenseless in our own right. We have learned how to seek the archons and harness their power. We have built hidden empires that rival even the might of an archon. We have discovered the limits of archonic influence and can maneuver them into situations where they become powerless. Some of us can even deny them outright.

    We are the balancers.

    I have compiled in the following pages all I know of the archons and their devoted acolytes. May it serve as a manual to challenge their dominion and find the path to our own destiny. Those who read this journal place themselves at grave risk but may also find enlightenment, arming themselves with knowledge to save their souls from damnation.

    -- Amber Gallagher

    About Author

    Alex Reiden
    Alex Reiden is a (so called) talented science-fiction and fantasy author who sends his readers on winding exploits full of intrigue, action, and thought-provoking twists. He seeks to engage you in a wild tale that never fails to keep you wondering what happens next.
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