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The Robes of SOuls

  1. Portfolio Description

    This is a book I've completed and halfway through book 2. Quite pleased with it, but in dire need of feedback, which I'm hoping to pick up here. Also, happy to help others out with their pieces so if anyone wants a proof-reader, or would like me to have a go at editing their own work (free of charge!) give me a shout. Can also provide an in-depth analysis if you wish.

    Robes of Souls is a dark fantasy and not particularly for the faint-hearted. Despite its conservative earlier chapters, book one sets the scene for some serious brutality. Its gritty, violent, and contains sexual scenes which are very limited in book one.) There is a strong emphasis on magic, and a few commonly used themes which I’ve tried to put my own trademark on in their usage.

    Anyone wanting to read this, please feel free to do so, I'd just ask that you drop me a message to let me know you're doing so.