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Chapter 1: Flash Flared

  1. I was awakened by a terrible trembling that immediately shook from my bed, I gasped only to discover air like lava going in and fire coming out. I choked an hit the ground as the trembling earth embraced me once again. The force of the quaking was unlike anything before. I went in and out as my consciousness was stolen from me many times. I came back again to the sight of red as I could feel my blood being violently jerked out of my body. I tried to fight the against the tremors but my body failed to fight against the harsh inertia. I stayed conscious long enough to feel my body start to numb. A large piece of wood just narrowly missed my head as I became aware of the estate of the deteriorating house I was inside. Wood, dust, and debris fell around me like leaves compared to the thunderous sound of the shaking that drowned out the crumbling of the building. Suddenly I became terribly conscious of my predicament. In that moment everything fell quiet as I realized this was a Flash Flare and was caught unprepared and was dying with nothing that could be done to stop it. I fell limp and began to fade once again, I could feel the tears of blood stream down my face as I gave in to my fate. Just then, even through my blood soaked vision my eyes fell painfully upon it. The sight filled me with pain. Pain that moves me more than the quaking, and bled me more than the bleeding and killed me more than dying ever could.
    I slammed my hands together, with no words, yet, even in my shocked silence I still invoked Magik. The words of my spirit screaming the chant of my will and It was heard, loud and clear. I was moved by the Magik it took me passing my through the wreckage and placing me high above it. My air was cool and refreshing, my severe injuries were minored, my body was safe but my soul was cracked, broken, and shattered. My eyes glued to the house as it crumbled into dust below me. I flew there, looking, outside the realm of time space life and even death. I floated there, watching.
    I hung, staring...
    I walked into the camp somberly and instantly all in the vicinity stopped and stared, not a pair uncounted for, not a movement made. Silence fell like death among them and Time stopped for a moment. The sound of my shuffling dragging feet became like roars in my ears and every step felt useless. Every stare looked at me impossibly which remained constant until he appeared bursting from one of the poorly constructed tents. Markhall, strangely he looked a bit different from yesterday when I’d seen him last. He took a look in my direction and he too fell into the same bewitching trance as all the others but thankfully, his worryingly awe stricken stare didn’t last. He broke eye contact, quickly gathering the situation and went rush up to me but stopped only after a couple trots. His face became filled with caution and he moved toward me wearily.
    “Whoa now,” he said holding up his hand telling me stop moving, which I did thankfully.
    “What is your name?” He asked cautiously.
    “Anti’on” I tried to say to my surprise nothing but a garbled mess of indistinct squeaks came out.
    “What was that?, what did you say?” He asked noting the attempt that I’d made to communicate.
    I breathed heavily as confusion blossomed like a wild fire.
    Anti’on! I tried again only to hear hoarse silence of my failure. Confusion now coursing through my veins like blood pumping pure unadulterated panic into my heart. My name is Anti’on Dagger! My name is Anti’on Dagger! I coughed and wheezed repeatedly to no avail.
    Markhall stepped back before quickly realizing something, he twists his body with an urgency reaching for something’s on his hip. It takes him a second but he pulls out a canister of warmer that he chuck at my feet. I quickly reach down scooping it up and downing the refreshing content in seconds. I drop the empty jug and mustered the strength to finally wheeze out “Anti’on” before my body began to tremble uncontrollably and convulse painfully until I lost consciousness and passed out.
    I awoke suddenly to see Markhall with his back to me readying himself to leave the tent.
    “By the horrific sound of that gasp I’d hate to know what kind of dream you must’ve been having.” He stated he turned to face me. I stared at him and cleared my throat hoping to be able to speak.
    “Yeah” I said hoarsely. I shifted awkwardly in my bed and rubbed my throat.
    “Yeah, that’s gonna be hard to get back, your voice I mean, especially how long it’s probably went unused, your luck the thing still works at all. Luckily I’m here to help you get some usage out of your dusty voice box there.” He scoffed. I gave him a sideways look. It wasn’t back to normal yet but I figured I could manage a conversation.
    “Go ahead.” I wheezed sorely.
    “Alright then” he said, then with a quick chant and a flick he pulled a far away chair to him. I sighed lightly grinning to myself. At first I had my doubts if this guy was really Markhall So that moment right there was all I needed for a convincing argument. I always told him to use Magik sparingly yet, he still didn’t listen.
    “So…” He trailed off as he took the time to adjust himself in the seat.
    I waited while he took his sweet time. He was either trying to lighten the mood or add unnecessary tension. He did neither of these things but he did further solidify my questioning of his legitimacy.
    “So lets get straight to the point here, You are in fact Anti’on Dagger correct?”
    “Yes” I said flatly.
    “and how is it that you got here, Anti’on?”
    I shifted my gaze sarcastically, cleared my throat and sat up. “I walked.”
    He flashed a quick smile that quickly turned into confusion and this time he cleared his throat. “Anti’on...” he started with a strange pause “what planet are we on right now?.”
    “Neptune?” I answered back quizzically. His eyes went wide for an instant triggering A strange feeling in my stomach.
    “And um, when is the last time you and I met before now?” He stammered.
    “Yesterday, right before the Solar Flare.” I responded wearily. His reaction making me uncomfortable.
    “Markhall what’s-”
    “-When!” he cut me off flustered. “When was the Solar Flare!” He asked sternly with a look of concern.
    I didn’t answer, and he rose from the chair.
    “Fine, but that means neither of us are getting any closure here. I knew I couldn’t let him leave. I needed to know but my mouth wouldn’t say the words. I stared as he slowly turned to leave. Just before he exited I reached deep within to finally choke out the words hoarsely.
    “It was today…Markhall, the Flash Flare was-”
    “No.” He cut me off again. The Flare that your talking about happened 3 years ago, and we’re not on Neptune any more. We’re actually on Mars now.”
    I rushed to my feet in protest but was overcome by dizziness before I could utter more than a sputter and fell back to the bed in a daze. He turned slightly but didn't budge from the entranceway.
    "Now, the Doctors are positive that you haven't eaten or hydrated at all over the last three years and honestly they cant figure out how you survived or even why you still continue to breathe, obviously their first guess was Magik, but that's not possible since you obviously haven't spoken in a while as well, and since you have no idea what's happened over the last three years we are ruling it a miracle and leaving it at that. with that being said, you need to eat and drink constantly until you get some life back into you. I knew you were Stubborn, you've always been stubborn but I didn't think you could shrug off death and logic so easily." He said with a disappointed head shake as he turned back toward the entry. "but, if you really are Anti'on Dagger then, I guess, its nice to have you back." he stated lastly as he finally took his leave, leaving me to my own thoughts until I'd again drifted off to sleep.

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    Devin Cooper, born with the inability to draw so writing is his outlet.

    ..I'm not sure how I want to put this info soo....it will be in progress


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