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Chapter 3: The Presence

  1. The tears that streamed his face stopped me in my tracks. I let go of his throat and he fell to the floor in a heap. I felt the presence leave me once again but I had finally come to my senses. I stared down at the him, the Chief who sobbed quietly to himself. I wasn't sure what to do to comfort him since I had just tried to kill him twice, so I figured anything I said right now probably wouldn't sound genuine to him. So I sat there and waited. After a while he stopped with a final sniffle.
    "I apologize that you had to see me like that. I am composed and we can get back to our battle. he stated firmly but I was done, my bloodlust for revenge had fizzled out.
    "no," I said dropping my guard "I think I'm good."
    "Well that's too bad." he said with a cough "because it changes nothing." he said walking away.
    "What do you mean" I yelled after him
    "Your plan was to come here, blame me for the death of Aurah, then beat me in a fight so that I would allow you to change my mind about running away from the Flash Flares so you can pitch that harebrained scheme about going to the sun to try to stop the Flares at there source? firstly you failed at every step, you missed the chance to catch me off guard, you also missed the chance to kill me when I was overcome by grief, and your plan to stop the Flares, which I'm sure hasn't changed still sucks." he stated straightforwardly. I commend you on the effort even if your execution was poor. The truth is, running is the only way we survive"

    Well what happens when we have nowhere left to run. The Flares happen every year and they always leave the planet uninhabitable after, destroying any chance we have of travelling back to any world that is struck. Everyone knows that The Great one only graced us with only 7 planets so We only have two or three more times we can run. You're the Chief and your people look to you for solutions and answers. Running is not a solution running is not the answer and if Aurah were here you know she'd agree with me. You've already lost one Daughter to the Flares. I know I don't have to tell you what will happen if you keep going this route. I informed him. He didn't speak and so I knew the conversation was over so I moved to take my leave. When another from the village ran inside "Chief Vlani!" he yelled stopping after seeing the room. is everything ok in here he asked quickly noting the unconscious maybe dead person laying under a crater on the far wall. The chief washed it away, with a hand wave you know how the flares always spark such heated debates, it seems Rognir was on the losing end of a heated argument, due ensure he gets the proper treatment." he lied so naturally it was almost scary. Now what is it that you barged in here for Pavi?"
    "Oh...um, yes" he stuttered unsure. "Its your daughter sir, She's awake." he finished and Chief Vlani gave me a final glance "it looks like there is no further discussions to be had, please do see yourself out Dagger." He said as he took his leave.

    I followed out behind him but this wasn't over, I had planned to follow him but my stomach began to growl and I figured that was enough violence for one day and decided to instead go get something to eat. I remembered that I saw the food tent close to mine one time so I headed hat way. Along the way I took note of the way occasionsonally stopping to admire certain things. I stood in line getting my food spooned onto my plate. the village has become quaint to what it once was in Pluto there we had a city, we had buildings and peace an better food I looked down at my definitely enchanted rice. You would assume that enchanted food would taste as good as naturally grown and it did taste good but it missed that earthy flavor, it was a faint difference but to me, it mattered.
    "Hey, do you mind if I join you?" The familiar voice spoke to me while sitting anyway.
    "well it doesn't seem like you gave me much choice" I retorted to the figure.
    "eh well I didn't figure you'd refuse" he said with a shrug.
    "I guess we'll never have the pleasure of knowing now will we?" I said back.
    "I guess your right." he finished with a grin as he picked up his corn and bit into it.
    I turned to face him a bit more. You know, I think this is the longest conversation we've had that you didn't ask if 'I remember anything yet' I scoffed. "Well I'm not really on duty anymore since your up and about." he said between chews.
    "Hey, so earlier today I went to see the chief and-"
    "- hold on," he cut me off, stopping mid bite "what did you do-"
    "-don't worry about it, nothing really happened" I said quickly, "anyway, did something happen with his daught-"
    "-Antion Dagger!" a stern voice cut in with authority. By order of the Chief you are to stop what you are doing and come with us right now!"
    "Nothing happened huh?" Markhall remarked sarcastically. before t could even turned around I was quickly swarmed by several of the Chiefs men. they grabbed me dragging me off. Markhall tried to follow but was stopped.

    I can walk you know I said to the men who ignored me and continued to drag me along. at some point I looked over my shoulder to see a small ground risen hut where they shoved me inside. it was pretty dark in the hut but that didn't really bother me that much. I figured this was some type of cell and it was my punishment for trying to kill him but something didn't feel right about it. suddenly I felt a shove and I fell to the ground, where voices in the dark began to echo around me.
    "Don't worry were not going to hurt you, in fact the Chief himself actually asked us to go easy on you, no bruises since he has use of your talents. So unfortunately for us your safe, for now." one of the voices hissed.
    I would have fought back but I knew that it was more than likely Magik, so I couldn't attack them physically. This got under my skin in three years they have resorted to using Magik more and more recklessly. Magic used to be held sacred at one time, it was a gift. Now they use it for all kinds of trivial means. I could get rid of them, I could make them see, but I would not, they would learn soon enough. I crossed my legs and closed my eyes.
    "oh, do you see this?" one asked the other.
    "yeah, I do but, what does he think he's doing?" said the other.
    "wait- I think he's trying to cast, Stop him?!" the one said back.
    I ignored them and just focused, drowning out there voices. Suddenly I felt it, the presence was back, and it was strong. I focused on it trying to bring it closer to me, I could only get so close before I felt a hard polarizing force, there was a wall, a barrier that I couldn't cross. I kept trying and I felt I was getting there closer and closer. Bit by bit I inched myself toward it the force feeling greater and greater. I was almost there, it felt almost within my grasp before I suddenly felt a twinge of something behind me. This feeling felt almost out side me and I immediately began to be pushed back I tried to hold on but could not and was shoved back.

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    Devin Cooper, born with the inability to draw so writing is his outlet.

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