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Child of The Forest - Part Three Of Four

By robinlxs · Jun 2, 2019 ·
  1. She twirled around, making her skirts fly up, then as the world wobbled slightly she collapsed, giggling.

    "What's your name?" her voice cutting through the silence.

    It seemed so loud to Tegwin.

    "Mine's Tegwin."

    She pointed to herself, "Tegwin""

    The little boy pointed to her.


    He pointed to himself, "Asadel."

    He smiled, looking pleased.

    "Asadel, come here," Tegwin said, as she crawled back to the cushion,"I'm going to brush your hair."

    Asadel joined her, as Tegwin pulled out her comb from a pocket in her dress. She arranged herself behind the little boy, and began to comb out all the tangles and snarls in his hair. She tried very hard to be gentle, but Asadel squeaked when she tugged too hard. When she was done, she braided his hair, and tied it with a black ribbon she found in her pocket. His hair was very silky and thick.She turned him around examining her work.

    "There, now you don't look so wild. I do wish I could something about your clothes."

    She said, fingering his shirt. It was worn and fray at the cuffs, and too small for him. The sleeves finished just before his elbows. His pants were much the same, but his clothes did look like they got a wash every now and then. Asadel looked sheepish, his green eyes glimmering under his lashes. He took the comb from Tegwin, and started combing her hair. It was soothing having her hair combed and Asadel was very gentle as he worked away. Sleep soon crept up on Tegwin. That light headed feeling was replaced by a leaden tired feeling. Her head begun to droop and she struggled to keep her eyes open.

    A light flickered in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and Asadel tugged on her hair hard, "Ow!"

    Asadel patted her head in apology. She saw the flicker again, and her interest was piqued. Golden light began to stream through the window of the cabin warm and welcoming.

    "Asadel, what's that?"

    Asadel got up and walked towards the window. He turned towards Tegwin with a big happy grin. "F...F...Faeries."

    He opened the window and reached out. When he brought his hand back in, the most extraordinary creature sat there. Tegwin gasped. The little creature didn't look like how they did in the story books. It glowed with a golden light, and its dragon fly wings fluttered constantly. Motes of dust twinkled around it. It had a translucent, spindly body, reminiscent of insects. It rose from Asadel's hand and fluttered back out the window. Asadel grasped Tegwin's hand and pulling her up and they ran outside. The full moon hung low, its soft pale light filtering down, the stars shimmered brightly, like winking jewels. Fairies fluttered all around the cabin, and golden light showered down on Tegwin and Asadel. Tegwin had a look of wonder as she stood hand in hand with Assailed. Her mouth was open, as she looked up watching the fairies dance.

    "They do exist!" She hugged Asadel in her excitement.

    Asadel watched as Tegwin danced around. He hadn't expected the fairies to pay him a visit with Tegwin here. They usually hid when Dorian Arthru were about. The fairies startled, moving in a stream towards the moon, the beat of their wings like wind through the trees. Something wasn't right setting Asadel was on edge. He touched his pocket to see if his sling, supply of stones and small knife were still there, then he moved closer to Tegwin.

    Tegwin stood staring into the trees. Her face frozen in terror. Bounding towards her was a lone Gévaudan, a terrible wolf-like beast with a coat made of leaves and grass, snarling and looking as if it were about to attack. Having no time to think, Asadel pulled out his sling and loaded it with a stone. He aimed, triggered, and hit the Gévaudan on the head, stunning it. As he ran towards Tegwin, Asadel loaded, aimed and triggered again. This time the stone bounced off its forequarter with no effect. The Gévaudan snarled at Asadel. He pushed Tegwin towards the cabin, hoping she would go to safety.

    He turned to face the Gévaudan. He stood as tall as he could, summoning his biggest voice and bellowed at it to go back where came from. The Gévaudan stood its ground and looked at him cocking its head to the side, it's eyes glowing yellow. The Gévaudan was as tall as Asadel's shoulder and that was on all fours. Asadel got another stone from his pocket and hurled it as hard as he could. The Gévaudan growled as it hit.

    A hail of stones came flying through the air toward the general direction of the Gévaudan. Tegwin hadn't gone back into the cabin; instead she had been picking ammunition to throw at the beast. Asadel cursed under his breath. Now she was throwing bits of wood. The Gévaudan backed off from this onslaught, bristling, and, growling, unwilling to give up potential prey. Asadel was just as unwilling to turn his back to it. Asadel tried to tell Tegwin to go back in the cabin, but she didn't understand. He turned his back on the Gévaudan to push Tegwin into the cabin, slamming the door shut. The Gévaudan spotted its chance. It rushed at Asadel, as he turned toward it, slamming him against the door. Asadel landed with a grunt, his hands and arms failing to fend off the Gévaudan's large pointed teeth from his face and throat. Tegwin was screaming, and pounding at the door trying to get him. He grasped at the broom left by the cabin door. It was the first time he found a use for it. He poked the Gévaudan hard with it, and then again. The Gévaudan retaliated by snapping at his face, and Asadel pulled the broom stick across his face stopping the Gévaudan's teeth from making contact. Its teeth clattered against the wood. Asadel struggled hard but both he and the Gévaudan knew he didn't have the strength to keep fighting. He could hear Tegwin crying with terror, as she beat at the door. He couldn't give up. He had to live.

    The Gévaudan suddenly backed off, grovelling in fear. Asadel's left hand glowed with a green flame. He looked at it, in detached wonder. He then threw it at the Gévaudan, which retreated whining, as it went. Then his world suddenly drained of all colour and faded to black, as his knees crumbled.


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