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Continents of Aurah no. 4; South Viola

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    South Viola is the second smallest of the continents of Aurah, but it is rich in natural wonders. The continent is dominated by the tropical forests of the Sofia Basin, although there are grassy plains, high mountain ranges and deserts along the northern coast.
    To the south is the great, thickly forested island of Oubleria, once a place of exile for prisoners from Gallion, but now a nation in its own right. It is said there is an isolated valley there named Great Beast Canyon, where prehistoric creatures are thought to still roam. This has never conclusively been proven.
    Generations ago, Inannan pioneers crossed between the islands of the Inannan Ocean to establish a foothold in South Viola. With the aid of Demetan colonists, they established a system of mutually beneficial trade in agriculture and manufactured goods there, but using forced labour from herbivore tribes from Inanna. Public pressure gradually ended this trade, but the caste system established left a lasting stain of discrimination againsts Inannan herbivores. Even so, intermarriage of tribes has created a very distinct culture among the nations of South Viola.
    Most Common Species; monkeys, horses, llamas and relatives, big cats, insectivores, large rodents
    Chief Industries; biofuels, fruit, sugar, coffee, cocoa, dairy, poultry, fishing, manufactured goods


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