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Continents of Aurah no. 6; North Viola

  1. North Viola is another land of contrasts. Coniferous forests line its north coast and stretch deep into the continent. High mountains bisect the continent north to south, creating great drainage basins on either side. Along the east coast broadleaf forests predominate, progressing to sub-tropical wetlands in the extreme south. The centre of the continent is dominated by grassy plains and grain fields, giving way to deserts in the south-west. Lake Majestic, in the north-west, acts like an inland sea, creating a milder climate in an area that otherwise knows extreme seasons.
    Two key nations dominate North Viola. In the far north is Frieya, a vast colonial nation with a mixed ancestry of Violans and Demetan diaspora, from the nations of Gallion, Gauchal and Skreeland. To the south is a still larger nation, the States of North Viola, or SNV. It broke free from its colonial ties to other nations two hundred years ago. Internal tensions led to civil war there just over a century ago, then the forced establishment of a separate southern nation called the IRVS (Independent Republic of Violan States) just 40 years later. This state of affairs proved greatly unpopluar, however, and the SNV reunited after the Second Great Aurahn War 40 years later still.
    In the modern age, it is the SNV, more than any other nation, that has come to dominate Aurah. Its industry, culture, idealism and military strength make it a leading nation, as does the prevalence of super-anthros within its borders. Havenburg, its greatest city, is a particularly popular haunt of these individuals. Yet the SNV's very success also makes it a target for those who would seek to claim it, humble it, even destroy it utterly.
    Most Common Species; ungulates, bears, bison, raccoons, mustelids, rodents, mammoth, cattle, wild dogs, vulpines
    Chief Industries; Finance, heavy industry, manufactured goods, entertainment, auto manufacture, precious metals, raw materials, grain, fruit, maize, soya beans, dairy, poultry


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