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Crocodile Tears


  1. Once upon a time there was a man named Wesley. Wesley was a stalker who hunted for rare game. By ‘rare’ he unfortunately often means ‘endangered’.

    Anyway, Wesley was in a swamp. Not important how he got there. The swamp had so much mud that he sank up to his knees in it. As he trudged through the swamp, it got deeper and deeper and deeper...until he was up to his neck in mud!

    “Darnit! How am I supposed to get through this stupid mud!” Wesley screamed.

    “I know how!” said a mysterious voice.

    Wesley looked around for the source of the voice. He could not locate it, however.

    “Who are you?” he asked.

    Suddenly, a crocodile leaped out of the mud. Wesley screamed, and tried to lift his arms from out of the mud.

    “Croc! CROC!” he screamed.

    Strangely enough, the corners of the crocodile’s mouth lifted up, as if in a smile.

    “Yes? Whyever are you screaming my name?” the croc asked, licking his lips.

    “You-you can talk!” Wesley gasped.

    The croc rolled its eyes.

    “Of course I can talk. I’m a MAGIC crocodile,” it said.

    “A magic crocodile? Blimey, and I thought the Sahara was weird…” Wesley sighed.

    The crocodile curled around him and bared its teeth.

    “I can get you out of your...predicament,” the crocodile paused and smirked at Wesley, “but...I’ll need something in return, Wesley.”

    “You know my name? How-” Wesley whispered.

    “I know many things. Now, about our deal…”

    “Anything! I’ll do anything!” Wesley cried.

    “Very good! Then, you’ll have no problem smuggling me into London,” the croc laughed.

    Wesley looked up at it.

    “How will we do that?” he asked.

    “You’re forgetting, I’m MAGIC.”

    The croc wiggled its finger and Wesley was out of the mud. The crocodile then transformed into a giant balloon.

    Wesley tried to leave, but the balloon jumped on top of him and cackled.

    “You can’t get rid of me that easily! Come on, we’re going to London now!”

    Wesley carried the balloon out of the swamp and into his nearby safari car.

    “Er...what’s your name?” Wesley asked.

    Silence broke out for thirty seconds.

    “You may call me...Draco,” it croaked through the balloon shell.

    Wesley drove the rest of the way through the jungle and into the airport. The port was made of a shining white metal, and people wearing suits got in and out of large planes. Wesley walked up to a desk. He scratched his blonde mop of hair and realized what he must look like. He had a torn and muddy jacket and trousers with a mud caked tank top visible under the open jacket. His blonde hair was messy and he had a goatee and some scruff. He attempted a smile at the old woman sitting at the desk.

    “Why are dressed like that, and why are you carrying a big toy lizard?” she asked.

    “Lizard?” Draco whispered.

    “Er, it’s a crocodile,” Wesley said nervously.

    The woman sighed.

    “Passport please?”

    Wesley handed her his passport. She looked it over and handed it back to him.

    “Just get on the aeroplane,” she said, shooing him away with a disgusted look on her bespectacled face.

    “That was a close one!” Wesley sighed as he carried Draco over to the plane.

    “Just get on the aeroplane!” Draco croaked.

    Wesley got on the plane and it flew them to London as he fell deep into sleep…

    When Wesley woke up, he carried Draco out the aeroplane door as quickly as he could and tore through the aero plane.

    “Hey!” screamed a heavyweight police officer with a bushy mustache.

    The cop chased after Wesley, but he was too quick for the cop.

    Wesley got safely to London. He walked around it and sighed.

    “Don’t get to comfy just yet! You need to give me to a child!” the croc whispered.

    Wesley whimpered and looked for children . It began to rain. Suddenly an opportunity happened. A little girl with a beret and rubber boots walked up to him.

    “Excuse me mister, how much for that balloon crocodile?” she asked.

    Wesley frowned.

    “It’s free. Here, take it,” he said with a guilty look on his face.

    As he handed Draco over to the child, he began to cry.



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