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Cub : Tragedy

The cops searched the house as it poured outside. The wife was in the kitchen and husband in tv room. The officer in the kitchen stared looked turned away from the cold blank eyes facing upwards.

He nearly puked up but thankfully it was only dry heave. The kid had to be here somewhere, the officer and the rest of cops who came including those two detectives where aware that this couple took took in a kid recently that what the neighbors told the detectives.

What a scene , the officer shook his head. this was weird were would the kid be? The distant chattering of his fellow of officers as they where coming back from the search .

The female detective eye brows where raised "where that kid?" She stared at the open kitchen back door and rest of the police out in the storm by the scattered mauled bodies.

She shook her head at the fact of the only living witness to this crime.

The second detective walked up to his partner.
@The very tone of that single word told anyone who was listening that he actually meant
"What we going to do now that we cant find the kid who is the living person left in this massacre"

The female detective walked to he kitchen back door As her partner followed her. She stared again at attackers that were mauled by something large.

She looked closer from where she was and and noticed most of the bodies were home invaders but the body of the maid was different she was shot. Now this case was weird.

She looked at at her partner and sighed "we look for clues where he be might of gone then that cop finally thew up.

Everyone gave him the a pitiful look. the detectives left the poor excuse of officer and went outside.

The coroner arrived sighed at the difficult job tonight.

Why rain, it is going to be a long night

With another heavy sigh he and his assistants dived deep into persevering and collecting evidence.

"So I understand the maid and the couple, but invaders strange. " the male detective, his partner began to reply. " well if you ask me ....." she was interrupted by a distance howl at which they both turned and swore

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