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Dragons Breath and Fairy Dust

  1. Short stories set in the world of my book "Descendants of Magic", the tale of how the veil between the human world and Faerie land split and the chaos that followed, when Faerie became a part of Washington DC. It mostly explores a pre veil split Faerie land and the wonderful and terrible things that have happened there over the centuries. I may also post character designs or cover ideas if i'm able.

    About Author

    Alora pendrak
    Once upon a time there was a young girl named Alora Pendrak, One day she read a book she thought was absolutely awful. So she sat down and typed a bland tired piece full of chichi's. Then she erased the whole thing and rewrote it fifty times. Now her head is so full of characters and ideas parading about that she must write! When she isn't argueing with her own fictional creations you can find her watching Anime when she isn't cooking dinner for her large and very supportive family.


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