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Druidcraft rites

As a druid, many magic effects can be evoked, you can shape shift, you can speak to plants and animals, it all depends in the path you choose to follow, the red one will focus on transforming you into the definitve shape shifter and talk with the moving beings of the lands, while the green one goes more into taking care of the forest itself, speaking with the cecile inhabitants, and someday, transforming into one of the Guardians of the forest.


Shape shifting is a complicated art, kind of like necromancy, a shapeshifter has to know anatomy to shapeshift, novice druids may just slightly change their bodies, things like growing feathers or fur, changing the shape of the teeth, light differences. More experienced shapeshifters will change extremities, maybe grow tails at will, never changing their heads because it would imply changing the brain, and that is a really tricky move if you dont know enough, even some of the druids have had to be healed by Prima herself due to this. And the most experimented are those who can shapeshift at will any part of their bodies, and can transform into animals. As a note, when you shapeshift into something with less mass, like from a human to a humming bird, dust will come out as you shape shift, it's thought that it's the excess material that is not needed for the new form, this also happens when changing back from feathers to the normal hair on your skin or to simply no hair on it.

Animal/Fungi/Plant speaking

Talking with animals, plants or mushrooms is easier, altho they can't communicate extense messages, they can communicate with druids, sharing info and having curious conversations to keep them company, sometimes this can create bonds of friendship between the speakers.

Talking with plants or shrooms is more like sharing memories, although plants do not technically have a way to comunicate, nor they technially do so aside from unknown ways (cough cough chemicals), they can comunicate the things that has happened to them, and what they felt in the past, kind of like listening to the memories. Forest guardians constantly use this to know when something is nearby.


Making plants and fugi grow to inmense sizes and stunning speed is easy, altho you have to respect certain things, this is definetly the easiest magic to use as a druid, although the more skilled you are shaping the plants and taking advantage of their features, the more effective you can make this magic, sometimes you might see patches of the forest with plants not seen anywhere else, this is because some druids see this kind of magic as art, some folks say that when the forest blooms, you can see their works .

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