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Dubstep Cat's Duel

  1. One evening, Dubstep Cat, a fat orange tomcat, was about to go to bed when a skinny gray tomcat in a black cloak jumped through his house window.
    "I am Jazz Cat, and I challenge you to a music duel!" he meowed.
    Dubstep Cat rubbed his eyes.
    "Can we do this tomorrow?" he meowed in a questioning tone.
    "NO! WE MUST DO IT NOW!" Jazz Cat screeched.
    "Ugh...let's just get this over with."
    Jazz Cat tore off his black cloak, revealing a white tuxedo covered in mustaches. Dubstep Cat put on his headphones and grabbed his synth bass as he tested it's keys and put on the wobble filter. They began to play.
    Dubstep Cat's wobbling sub bass tore through a slow, lurching beat he set up on his drum machine and Jazz Cat's trumpet blared as he improvised over a string section that appeared out of nowhere. They both paused.
    "Hey, you play pretty well." meowed Dubstep Cat.
    "You two...for a non jazz musician that is," meowed Jazz Cat
    "We should collaborate."
    "You really think so?"
    Through the rest of the night they toiled away, making a wonderful song for all to hear. It sounded like this: https

    They decided to form a band called The Royal Kitty Crew Of Wondrous Electro Swing, and became immortalized through history. And also literally immortalized through lichdom.


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