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How Did the Races Establish Peace?

  1. 10,000 years ago on Aurah, when humans and the lesser anthro races had mostly faded into history, herbivorous and carnivorous castes existed in widely dispersed settlements, sometimes in cave systems and sometimes in crude dwellings. Herbivores' settlements were not often well-defended and could be easily sacked by carnivore tribes if they came into close contact. It seemed that carnivores might prevail for a while.
    Ingenuity was what saved the herbivores and ultimately allowed them to emerge triumphant. The pressure to adapt and fight back meant that herbivore castes were the first to develop agriculture, writing, metallurgy and various other benchmarks of civilisation. Carnivore tribes only acquired such technology by gradual and painful assimilation over centuries. In all, herbivores were three to eight thousand years ahead of the carnivores.
    2,000 years ago, great herbivore civilisations were emerging in Inanna, Borea and Demeta. Carnivores were fast catching up though and again it seemed like they might prevail. Yet it was around this time that great faiths like Aurumism, Philtrism and Muratism began unifying fragmented peoples. For 500-700 years faith and culture clashed, trying to reconcile their differences.
    For the past 1,000 years, herbivore and carnivore have lived relatively harmoniously on Aurah, often in quite cosmopolitan ways. All the same, some (though not all) of the worst tyrants and criminals have tended to be carnivores, while anti-herbivore discrimination persists in many parts of the world. It is a constant challenge for peace-loving anthroes and the superhero community.


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