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Imposter Syndrome

This is a subject I'll be returning to in great length but for today I'll keep it brief. I've been struggling more so than usual. It's not just the stress of adding new projects to my plate. It's all the positive steps that I've been taking to tick more goals off my bucket list and follow more of my dreams, has triggered more CPTSD epsiodes, and I'm struggling with Imposter Syndrome more than ever. Positive experiences are a huge trigger for me - for a lot of reasons. The more strides i make towards acheiving goals, the more people want to work with me, the more that the voices of the past come back to belt the crap outta me, mentally. The flashbacks haven't been as bad as they were in 2017 but they've been unrelenting. It's stopping me; freezing me up, and setting me up to fail. So now that I realise this, I'm going to cover the topic in future projects. For today I vlogged about it.

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