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Infiltration P3

The monument was carved of earth and hematite. It spiraled from the earth as if reaching for the sky, coiled into itself and spread like the branches of a tree. Tomas made out a few figures walking out from underneath the now opened structure before his vision faded.

Five figures slowly rose from the depths of the earth, as they stood before Elaine and the others they noticed an unconscious Tomas. "Well now, who is this asleep before my very eyes?" asked a middle aged man with tightly curled blonde hair and a small fragment of prasiolite between his finely tweaked eyebrows. "We greet the Earth Father. We met this man on our way here, he is a monk from the old country" Elaine said as she and her men bowed. The five figures before them look at each other without saying a word. "Please my child, call me Tor. It is odd to find a monk from the old country out in the empire. Does this not strike you as peculiar?" Tor said as he slowly raised his hand signaling them to rise. "I have already checked his parchments, he is quite knowledgeable about the old country and has no presence of a source" Elaine said with vigor and respect.

"Well then, someone is quite knowledgeable herself. Spending too much time in the library and not enough time saving the heathens are we child?" Tor said with an air of annoyance. His good mood seemingly evaporated because of her response. A woman in a blood red cassock placed her hand on Tor's right shoulder and introduced herself to the group, "I apologize for Tor's treatment, he's quite perturbed by a smart woman. You were saying he had no presence of a source than you must be quite proficient in your kinetic abilities". As Elaine opened her mouth she felt an immense heat about to devour her, she instinctively stepped forward and chanted a hymn. "Wow, Tor it's an actual aerokinetic." the woman said with utter excitement "I haven't met one since we decimated that colony of Elves in the northeast".

She spoke casually but this woman was diabolical, cunning, and the greatest strategist of the Void Church. Fire Mother, Ignacia the Conflagration. She was given a second honorific due to her many contributions on the battlefield. Ignacia observed Elaine struggling with the rudimentary flame, it was cruel of her to test this poor woman yet she was left extremely disappointed. As Elaine tried to regain her footing and quell the fire, Vito slightly twisted his left foot clockwise on the ground trying to shield her. Standing to the side, Tor saw through his actions and swiftly trapped him in stone. Watching his friends be outmatched, Roderick ran towards Tor drawing his blade. Before he could close the distance between them, Tor shrugged and turned the earth beneath into quicksand "what a pity you aren't a kinetic".

"Okay, well this was fun. We're glad you all made it but this is enough," Ignacia said as she revoked her flame. Tor also revoked his stone prison and the quicksand. She looked Elaine up and down and threateningly said "next time, please be a bit more entertaining". As she and Tor turned around the other three figures followed suit, "walk this way and carry that poor boy, I've never seen a monk fully pass out like he has".

Roderick carried Tomas on his back as the others walked slowly with lowered heads. “No need to be discouraged. It would have never ended in your favors” Ignacia quipped as she lit the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The passage was narrow and the lanterns hung slightly above Roderick’s head. Along the walls were illustrations of the Void Church’s history. Elaine was fascinated by the depictions and ran her hand along the wall, feeling the engraving and etching of what she assumed were highly skilled geokinetics. Tor looked back and was amused with her antics. “If this excites you then I’m afraid you’ll die of joy tonight,” he of course found it hilarious as she immediately placed her hand by her side. “Enough, we are almost at the quarters. Quickly awaken that boy” said a woman in the deep blue dress, it ruffled around her cleavage and flowed towards the bottom. When she spoke Tor coughed lowly, quickly shuffled his footing and repeated after her “yes, wake him!”.

Roderick readied himself to drop Tomas onto the stone pathway when Elaine walked around him. She placed her hands on Tomas’ tempos and breathed deeply. She connected herself to his subconscious and gently shook his self projected form. “Now that’s impressive. An aerokinetic and elementary telepath. Yea, I like this one” Ignacia said as if claiming a prize. Tomas was just dreaming about Elaine’s luscious lips as he regained consciousness. “Welcome back sleepy,” she said as she nearly fell before catching and centering herself. Ignacia walked up to her, placed her right arm around Elaine’s shoulders and told her “challenge me once you are confident in your abilities. I’ll be waiting”. She then proceeded to slap her butt and was quite satisfied with the sound of recoil. So too were Tomas and Vito.

Standing before a wall which resembled the royal necklace the five leaders enacted their sources. An assortment of colors blinded everyone behind them except Tomas. He was used to the effects of forceful magical manipulation. Those who weren’t could lose many parts of their being; the eyes could be lost in this particular instance. This was one of the reasons why he hated the Void Church, they abused the elements with no regards for their existence. They didn't even acknowledge their existence. Elidi felt Tomas' heartbeat race and began to emit a faint trace of heat to relax him. He touched his chest and whispered "thank you".

After singing a hymn the man in the black suit and tie placed his decrepit hands against the large piece of hematite and recited the words "may the Void envelop us and make us one again". After saying the phrase, the wall began to lower into the earth as hot air rushed towards them. Without a word everyone followed him as they walked into a large square. "Young lady you come with me," said the woman in the deep blue dress to Elaine. Tor looked at Vito and Roderick and simply nodded. They followed behind him as he walked off. Tomas stood silently as Ignacia, the man in black, and another man in white robes stared at him. The man in black was the first to speak "Marco, they said you are from the old country. How long has it been since I visited? I hope this city is to your liking". Tomas' hands began to sweat, he knew he was in trouble. But instead of asking him questions the man in black simply stated "the name’s Ajal kid, see you around".

Ignacia was shocked by Ajal's carefree attitude, he's only this nonchalant after he discovers something fun. This made her want to figure out exactly what he was thinking. The man in white robes scoffed and said in a raspy but dreamlike voice "Keyne," he then lifted off the ground and glided away. Tomas stood befuddled and then looked at Ignacia who was smiling ever so menacingly. "I guess you're coming with me Marco. Lucky you, I haven't relaxed since killing those pathetic Orcs". Elidi was disgusted by this woman, not because she was morally repulsive but because of the way she forced her will onto a fire elemental. Elidi could tell that this elemental was on the verge of death. Feeling her sadness, Tomas softly patted his chest and followed Ignacia into her quarters.

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