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Jaxwoxen Dream


  1. I wake up. That was a nonsensical dream. I don’t understand why that dream happened. In my dream my cat Jaxwoxen was sitting on the moon and fell off. It’s quite ridiculous really. I get up and walk out my bedroom door. It’s my 21st birthday today so I have to get up extra early and wake up my parents, Momm and Parentt. Those are there real names even if you think it is atrocious. I see myself in the mirror as I lift myself out of my bed. I have green hair that I dyed with green hair dye and I have purple glasses and red eyes, due to my albinism. I’m very melanin deprived and I have a black bathrobe that is made of cotton so it feels quite cottonish. I am wearing pink wool socks that come up above my thighs. They are kind of high. Some may say it is highly impractical but they are wrong. I continue to trudge and I exit my gray room with 13 mirrors in it and I enter my hallway. I open my parents’s door and scream at 120 decibels. My parents cover their ears and make a sound similar to “uuuuuurrrrmmm” in croaky voices. I wonder why . “It is my birthday Momm and Parentt!” I convey through many opening and closing mouth movements. I turn around and slam the door closed again and I hear more groans. I put my foot on the soft purple carpet that feels like velvet mixed with polyester. I stop in my tracks. In front of me is a mighty being. My kitty Jaxwoxen! I pet Jaxwoxen on the head for 30 minutes and her fur is softer than anything else in the house and there are some very soft things in the house. She has brown fur and peculiarly magenta eyes. I put down Jaxwoxen and I open the green door to the kitchen. The kitchen is very wooden and has smooth material coating on it so that we do not get splinters. I hate splinters. I walk to the shelf of cereals and reach up and find that I cannot reach it! GRAAAAHHH! I stand uncomfortably on my tip toes and attempt to reach it but I can’t. For hours and hours I attempt to. It is as if the shelf is saying: “Hahaha Celia is a dumb loser and stinks and she cannot do anything!”

    “Shush shelf! I can do anything!” I roar confidently.

    “CELIA!!! PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN!!!” yells Parentt.

    I realise what I must do. I climb on the counter and reach for the High Fruct-O’s but I fall on my butt and feel pain eternal everlasting a purple bruise and the pain is so bludgeoning that I cry and scream and cover my ears. After 1 minute Momm walks down and drags me back into my bed.

    THE END!!!!!!


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