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Last Battle/Prologue Pt. 2

By Orc Knight · Oct 11, 2017 ·
  1. "My lady, they await you!" Inivia looked down at her squire. The young elf woman looked towards the main hall in Wolfholm. Inivia rolled her eyes as she got off her stag, handing off her spear to the squire and took off her helmet. She put her long war braid to the front, showing the steel and iron rings of battle that were a near solid length of metal. The war had done more to her then most, though all she had to show for it were black rings under her green eyes and minor scarring across her cheek that looked like vines on it. A small scar across her lips, prominent more on the bottom and to her chin from fights still earlier and her own lips in an open frown, showing her fangs.

    Her squire hurried to put her stag to stable as she walked past other mounts. Her sisters storm wyvern hissed at her and lighting crackled around it's mouth. Inivia glared at it and it hissed more. She'd never understood her sisters love of the sky and the beasts that would be better put to feeding the armies.

    "Slayer! Slayer comes!" It hissed. Not that she'd needed the announcement. Her ride through the streets had been easy. Her armor and flag well known. From the dwarves to the giants, they all stepped out of her path. No one was willing to inflict her wrath upon them. The wrath seemed to have left her though. Her spurs rattled on the cobblestones and several ragged humans fled in fear from her. She, didn't care. She'd tried to help humanity, in her way. Especially their women. Bitches wasting away in towers for some man to save her instead of just getting out through kicking, biting and stabbing those who put them into the predicament in the first place. And then eating their hearts. Or just eating them. She'd never minded the taste of human. Which had been well during the years of famine.

    Two orc guards, only slightly taller then herself, watched her warily as she passed through the door. There was quiet talking as she headed into the main room. Witch lights pulsed around them and light poured in from some of the broken walls. Wolfholm was a human fortress, so most the doors and some of the walls had to be pulled down or out to fit the larger races and their betters. The talking quieted as she entered the room, late and with no care. She had a frown on her face as a serving wench scurried to her and gave her a goblet of wine. She sipped on it, finding it more water then wine. She pushed her way past the lesser lords and humans and made way to her spot, a threadbare cushioned chair awaited her. Along with her family.

    "So, the que-" She didn't let Unnaria finish. She grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head into the table and threw her into the chair and pushed it back with a kick, taking her place at the table. Setana looked at her and stepped aside. Both her sisters had the same glowing green eyes as herself, even though one's were not open at the moment. Her brother Ymir took a step back and kept his double baited axe to the ground. Two of her siblings were missing. Only one was worth anything outside of battle, so it was for the best. Not that he'd lift anything heavier then a knife for a bloody dinner in his house. The other preferred the paperwork and politics that were not her realm. It wasn't that she didn't care, it was that he wasn't needed now. She growled and looked around the room and the maps spread out around it.

    "Are we quite done with the sibling rivalries Inivia?" She turned to the High Queen Titania. A beautiful woman, dressed in her white gold armor with a patch on her pauldron showing a rising sun with a sword in it. Her golden skin lacked it's normal luster and her glowing white eyes were not as brilliant. Inivia's chest still burned at the look and she saw the sword glowing on her chest. Titania's way of telling her to behave.

    "Yes." She growled and looked at the others around Titania. Her husband Oberon, looking tired and in his own armor and mail, a white cloak around him as he sat in his seat. Her second youngest daughter Adriel stood where the drow Queen Gennia normally stood. Adriel looked more of her father then herself. Plain looking for an elf, but for her green eyes that had fire coming from them. She was in her scouting leathers and blackened armor, bow at her back. She looked exhausted and had rings under her eyes. Her war braid was messy and a bottle of alcohol in hand. At her back was her body guard Flora, a towering gold elf woman that had no magic and killed any near her except her daughters. Glinda and Boris sat near them, Edwin and Liza beside them.

    The Arch-Mage Selina looked unhappy to be seated beside Liza, the towering bald woman looking with some loathing at the other witch. Golden eyes from both women watched the other, Liza with something of a smirk on her face. The Griffon knights beside her tried to keep distance from the two. The so called Goblin King sat beside her, goblins around him. The black and spike armored figure with the molten orange eyes watched silently and eyed Inivia. King might be a matter of title, but Inivia had an eye for what was really beneath the armor. A skill she'd long had. The orc's and trolls with him, both Fisheater and Bloodtusk and some other families.
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