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Mechanic Slave: Part Two

By LWFlouisa · Dec 20, 2017 ·
  1. The sky was a late evening blue, waves crashed along the shoreline. A viking long house was along the shore. It was the year 1056

    There was a single room cabin. Benches were used as both beds and seats. Along the walls you could see the dried meat hanging from the walls.

    Arnbjorn woke up to get his fishing gear.

    He saw Halldora, who appeared behind him.

    "What are you doing up this early Hally?"

    "Dad, I'm tired of having to weave and crochet all the time." Halldora played with his long blond hair. "Could I go fishing with you sometime?

    "You should get your priorities straight." He grimaced sternly. "Your job is to help your mother maintain the household. Maybe when you're a little older I might change my mind. You will just be swept away by the waves anyway."

    She pictured herself reeling in the fish, and cooking a wonderful meal for the whole family.

    "I just wanted to be like you daddy, is that to much to ask."

    "Just go back to sleep."

    "If you could even work for two whole days, someday I might consider taking you with me. I will think about it.

    Arnbjorn left the cabin.

    At the fish shop, Halldora's father was tending to a customer.

    "It only costs 50 Krona to buy this fish!?" He said.

    "Only fifty, that's more than I earn in a week!" The customer said.

    "If you don't like it, go elsewhere. But I bet your wont fish anywhere near this good."

    To the contrary, he would often time sell rotten fish preserved with salt on the open market, and advertise it as if it were fresh.

    It was a dishonest profession, but times were hard. But at least he always saved the freshest of seafood for his family.

    Arnbjorn is sea fishing with his best friend.

    "Hook, line, and sinker." Arnbjorn said.

    "You really should let your daughter bond with you more."

    "But what better way to bond than to talk about viking voyages second hand?" Arnbjorn was being facetious. "About how wonderful gathering the wood is."

    Arnbjorn came around and let her go sea fishing with him.

    As he had predicted, she was swept up by the waves.

    "You're a disgrace to our family." He said.

    He left her out to drown in the cold, windy ocean.

    "Daddy!! Come back."

    She tried swimming to locate his boat, and mustered all the strength she could summon. But no boat.

    "Dad!? How could you?"

    The morning dawn shined dimly, Otis woke up from the dream. He is breathing in and out with major heaving after being deprived of oxygen briefly.

    Otis had something to eat, but decided to get breakfast out.

    He walked to work.

    In real time in the real past, Halldora at first sank into the water, and swam to shore. She arrived at home wet.

    She woke up on her bench she happened to use for a bed that night. The mother asked her daughter a question.

    "What happened to your face hun?"

    "Me and dad were in a bad fight, just ignore it."

    "Is this going to be how it is?"

    Back in the present time.

    Otis got a job as a lab technician after quitting his first job. He had built up enough university credits to work as a scientists assistant.

    The person supervising him was Machida Kayo, and part time professor, and part time drill sergeant

    Machida relaxed with a nice cold beer, while spouting off commands at Otis.

    "So I assume you got the dark matter?" Machida said.


    Otis handed Machida the dark matter, and then asked the monitor, "What time is it computer?"

    "It is now 13:05 hours." The computer said.

    "Are you ready to change history."


    Machida fired the engine, and the machines sparked, and caused the whole lab to warp. He tried to get Otis out.

    Otis blacked out.

    He warped his spaceship into Viking time.

    Otis crashed his ship.

    Otis was awoken, and flew out of the ship. He slapped into a tree. And then he got up injured. He had a loose tooth.

    "This doesn't look like the Andromeda galaxy."

    It looked like he was in some forest.

    "Well Machi Macho did mention worm-holes were unpredictable were they might end up."

    Otis tried reporting his current situation.

    While tending to her sheep on the farm, a girl saw a huge explosion in the distance.

    She directed her sheep back to the farm.

    A charred black otis is leaning into the mic, and he tried to call back Machida. But no answer, so he crawled to the village.

    He collapsed when he reached the town square. The villagers looked at him like he were a demon.

    Otis woke up, and found himself lying on a bench. The house was pretty much one long room.

    "Talk about living it up." Otis picked his nose. "What year did I warp into?"

    An older man, and a younger girl in what looked like Norse outfits opened the door. They hurried to close the door before the cool settled in.

    "Now hold on a sec poppa, who's that guy."

    "I found this girly man." Arnbjorn said. He took off his non horned helmet. "I figured something must have been up, so I took him in."

    "I say we kill him."

    "Nah, I got a better idea. If he's going to stay for a while, ..."

    "He might as well be useful!"

    "So were did you come from?"

    "The orient." They missed the joke, because they focused on his bizarre clothing. It was a streamlined spaceman suit.

    "Me and Halldora are going sea fishing." Arnbjorn said.

    "Now make yourself useful and gather some firewood." Halldora said.

    They exit the house.

    Otis snuck out of the house early in the morning.

    He could here villagers cursing at his ship as if it were the product of the fire god himself. So he had to go see what was going on.

    The villagers were attacking his ship, and had no choice but to self destruct the ship.

    This killed the farmers instantly.

    He found a small cottage not unlike the house he stayed in the previous night. He knocked on the door.

    What what looked like a lady in her late 20's, greeted him.

    "How may I help you?" Otis said.

    "This is urgent, and I need someone to hear me out."

    "What do you need?"

    "I have no idea what happened." Otis coughed, residue from the engine explosion was still lingering on his face. "But there was some kind of bug in the dark matter engine. I somehow landed here. I was suppose to land in the Andromeda galaxy. Do you know of any hardware stores around here?"

    Otis did not watch the science fiction movies, or he would have known better.

    Or maybe he still did not think he was in normal time, and just landed in some primitive place in Europe.

    "Wait what?" The Nordic lady said.

    "What year is it?" Otis asked.

    "This is the year 1040."

    She let him come in and get some rest.


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