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Perhaps not...

By S.T. Ockenner · Jun 9, 2020 · ·
  1. "Where is the gnome?" Bill said.
    "Over there." Gene said.
    "But, I want to- what?" Bill said.
    The gnome waved.
    "Are you looking for me?"
    "Yes." "Yes."
    "Are you humans?"
    "Yes." "Yes."
    "Are you dead?"
    "Yes." "No."
    "What?" he asked.
    "Wait, am I Bill or Gene?" he asked.
    "Bye!" said the gnome.
    "Wait!" He said.
    "I need a wish!" He said.
    "You two need a name. Bill and Gene have blurred the lines...Billy Jean, perhaps?" the gnome said.
    "Yes! That's my name." Billy Jean said.
    "What's your wish?" the gnome asked.
    "To meet Michael Jackson!" Billy Jean said.
    "Perhaps not..." the gnome said.


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  1. Onemaus
    Hope this suffices as a review:

    I question the relationship of Bill and Gene, are they siamese twins? I thought think because they seem to talk over each other or at the same time. It was my first thought and then I read the "are you dead" question which threw me into another loop, "if they're siamese twins how can one be dead? If they're not siamese twins then how well do they know each other?"

    They really "have blurred the lines," once the MJ reference came in I was hooked. Does the gnome know Michael Jackson? is he a gatekeeper of sorts?" where are they going, other than meeting MJ?

    I was fond of the fluid conversation and felt like the characters had personality and humor. It was built very organically and in a minimalist way. The gnome didn't stand out to me but he seems to be the there to fulfill something for them, a realization that maybe they aren't two people but one person = billy jean.
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    1. S.T. Ockenner
      Well, it was deliberately supposed to be surreal, sort of mimicking the style of my friend and poetry mentor. They are neither Siamese nor the opposite of twins, but not quite twins either. They're quasi-twins. No, the gnome was just the wish-giver of sorts.
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  2. Onemaus
    I enjoyed this, found it funny and it made me smile.
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    1. S.T. Ockenner
      Will you leave a review?
    2. S.T. Ockenner
      Thank you, I feel glad that you think that.